4 Ways in Which Marketers can Definitely Engage their Target Audience

The art of communicating with the customers in order to sell them a product or service is called marketing. The people who are paid to devise strategies for any product always look for new and exciting ways to attract customers. With traditional marketing like print or outdoor getting sidelined, nowadays social media is the most popular platform used for online marketing.

Digital marketers now look to use techniques and tactics so that they can engage customers in a way that doesn’t look forced or paid. Customers have also become wise enough and look to shy away from in your face advertisements. Following are 4 of the ways how marketers need to focus on their target customers.

1. Going for Native Ads

Native advertising is one of the best tactics a marketer can apply so that he can smartly put in the ad and the related article, news or blog doesn’t give the impression of a paid one. The spending on native ads will reach $7.9 billion by the end of 2017 and $21 billion by 2018 year end. Native advertising is expected to expand across numerous online platforms.

The reason why marketers love this form of paid media is because it fits into the narrative organically. The user or the person reading an article doesn’t get the impression of reading an ad. Basically if he is not able to differentiate between what is paid and what is not then this is termed as a successful native ad ploy. The content usually is useful, interesting and targeted to a specific audience so that it is destined to be successful with a perfect platform to launch.

2. Content Marketing

Content marketing is often mixed with native marketing as both often go hand in hand. It is basically a strategic marketing technique to create and distribute relevant information to attract a target audience. It’s not paid in any sense and is an ongoing process that’s best integrated into an overall marketing strategy. Content marketing works for all the types of industries and related brands because everyone uses it differently.

The key for using content marketing is to be consistent and staying in character for your brand. If that brand voice is clear, interesting or funny, your target audience will be inclined towards it. Blogs and viral content are the best examples as they can engage people. Interesting blogs can get an audience which will regularly look for new blogs and will visit the specific website resulting in good traffic.

3. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is the new buzzword and before you’ll know it will capture the market. The marketers will rue the chances who will be left behind. It has quickly become one of the most quickest and effective ways to reach customers and clients. That is certainly true for social media as companies try to push their marketing campaigns and look for quick results as there is no room for error or complacency as rival companies can take the lion’s share of the market in a jiffy.

Influencer marketing can give the brands the opportunity to create word of mouth. No marketing medium is quicker than this as a person can share an article, for example, and in a chain reaction it can reach the level of a viral one very quickly.

4. Live Streaming Video

A picture is worth a thousand words and video worth much more. It connects immediately to the viewer, conveying emotion and a message that can go a long way in being memorable. A short video of 30 seconds can send a strong message across which even a lengthy article of 1000 words can’t. Needless to say, more people will look at video rather than read the article and that’s why it is an important part of marketing strategy these days.

Live streaming video is a new kind of strategy that is being applied nowadays by marketers. YouTube and other video sharing websites have now the option to live stream videos which are largely used by channels to broadcast international sports events and by companies for launch shows of their products. Facebook Live is now very popular with people using it for any event they like. A short 1 minute video or 1 hour long video, the choice is yours. Marketers can also use it for ad campaigns and events that can entice user interest in a big way.

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