You Can Thank Us Later – 5 Parent Teacher Communication Apps You Should Have One

Teacher Communication Apps

A recent news piece published by The Indian Express reveals that India is an emerging education hub, but for higher education, as it is the third largest in the world after China and the US.

On the ground level, India still needs to work on its primary education system. Though the advent of ICT has transformed classes up to a great extent, however, there is one more thing that has to play a crucial part to take education system to the next level, and that is flawless communication.


The biggest obstacle that is hindering the progress of primary education in the country is the communication gap between parents and teachers. However, with the proliferation of mobile apps, it seems that the situation can be controlled. For this, both parents and schools have to embrace mobile based apps to improve communication.

These post further highlights 5 parent-school communication apps to foster parent-teacher communication.

#1. ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a free app that allows parents, teachers, and students to create a positive learning environment for the best interest of children. Using this app, teachers can show off projects and send pictures from the classroom to the parents. Further, it has features like digital rewards that allow teachers to give rewards to students for actively participating during classroom sessions. Apart from it, parents can use this app to directly communicate with teachers without exchanging their contact numbers.

#2. Teno

Teno is a big name when it comes to bridging the communication gap between parents and teachers. Teno app is free and must have parent-school communication app. The secret to success for Teno app lies in its simplicity and flexibility. This app is for teachers, parents, and students. Using Teno app, teachers can let parents know how hard they are working to bring up their kids by sharing moments of achievement and joy. Further, a teacher uses this app to remind parents about homework, project submissions, and exams. In a nutshell, it has everything that a school, teacher, and parent need to create a collaborative and positive learning environment for kids.

#3. Remind

Remind is a free app that aimed at making parent and school communication easier. Teachers can use this app to send scheduled reminders and other crucial updates to parents which include homework, performance, and activities. This app provides great flexibility of messaging as the communication can be quickly done in the app or via a simple SMS to parents who do not have this app installed on their mobile phones.

#4. Evernote

Evernote is one of the best note taking app. Parents, students, and teachers can use this app for note-taking. It can easily replace in-class handouts used for assignments and other work. Teachers can use this app to take notes about class, activities, attendance, performance, and other crucial information that can be securely backed up online and readily available from any device.

#5. Slack

Slack is specially made for businesses, but later on, many schools realized its potential to be a useful communication tool. Today, this app fosters communication between teachers and parents. It has features that allow teams to communicate by topics, projects, or anything that matters to your work. Further, it lets its users message or call any person within the team. Overall, it is a good app to improve communication.

Over to You

Communication is critical in education. Therefore, it should not be overlooked. Sooner or later, you will need a communication tool to improve communication between parents and teachers.

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