Business Hotel Beirut With Some Added Features In The Kitty

It is a known fact that business hotels are always for your help, especially, when you are using it for a comfortable stay. You are in Beirut for some work, and need to rest for those working days. After a head-on presentation, you will come back home and want some rest. It is during such instances, when you have to think about choosing the best business hotel, around here. Well, thanks to experts, you will receive the best hotel services of all time. For that, you need to deal with the experienced professionals over here, for help. They will make you feel at home, thanks to the warm and friendly staff, and comfortable environment.

Rooms to blow your mind

Before you proceed further and invest money for the business hotels, it is always important for you to think about the hotel rooms, available over here. There are so many options too, and you get to choose the best one, among the lot.

  • The reliable hotel is likely to provide you with standard accommodation, with all the latest addition to sink into luxury, comfort and design.
  • There are practically 87 units available, which are further divided into junior suites, studios, one and 2 BHK apartments, ambassador’s suite and luxurious 1 BHK apartment.
  • These apartments are all non-smoking to add hygiene and clean environment. Additionally, some of them have private terrace and personal balcony.

Know more about the restaurant

Well, a stay at business hotel will only be fulfilled when you have a well-known restaurant with it. The standard reputed hotels have their own restaurants, to serve you, as their prime guests. The food is not just tasty, but made in the most hygienic manner. It means even if you are planning to have their food for ages, still it will not cause any hamper to your health.


  • This notable restaurant is proud to offer you with delicious options, for breakfast, lunch and even for dinner.
  • You can further enjoy continental breakfast form of buffet, for a particular time.
  • It even accepts orders till late at night, and provide drinks like premier coffee, alcoholic beverages like spirits and fine wine and other beverages.
  • Enjoy a contemporary and comfortable dining space, which can open outward to a fine and well-decorated terrace.

Closely connected to local market

Sometimes, you feel bored of sitting inside your hotel room, and want to go out to visit local market. Buy something for your family, back home and even for some friend, from the same arena. The convenient location of the hotel, near to the market, saves a lot of your transportation fee. Whether you are planning to buy yourself some groceries or pastries, candy or other forms of toiletries, you can have it all. Even if you are looking for tobacco products or other soft drinks, there are loads of options available. You can even bring newspapers and magazines, from the same market, over here. If you want to get into a quick dinner with colleagues and friends, then these market places are best over here.

Places for business conferences

The reliable Business hotel Beirut helps in providing you with business corners and conference rooms. So, if you want to host a conference, right in the hotel, where you are staying then you can do that, as well.


The place is well connected with high speed Wi Fi connectivity, along with business corners, offering printing, computer and scanning services. Whether it is private conferences or any corporate events, you will get the ultimate help from the hotel’s PR department. They will ensure that your conferences function in a smooth manner. Even if you want to make presentations, you can do that.

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