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An Introduction To Fire Rating Concepts

Fire ratings are produced utilizing concepts intended to represent distinctive hazard territories from which fire harm can happen. The International Code Council and the Metal Building Manufacturer’s Association give regulations and proposals to making a fire-safe structure that meet International Building Code (IBC) and neighborhood

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Using the Internet of Things to Manage Stormwater Effectively

Storms are devastating, especially to built-up areas and cities. Even averagely heavy rainfall could end in flooding and overflowing rivers; making roads impassable, destroying infrastructure and halting traffic until the damage is fixed. So, does the Internet of Things (IOT) assist in managing excess stormwater,

5 Reasons to Place Disc O Sit on Your Office Chairs

Disc o sit is a stability cushion that is filled with air and flattened almost into the size of a beach ball; however it is strong enough to either stand or sit on. Despite of being unstable, these cushions are stated to be stable because