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All you need to know about EDLI

Employees Deposit Linked Insurance The employees who have joined the Employees’ Provident Fund are covered by the EDLI or Employee’s Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme, 1976 which provides a lump sum payment to the insured’s nominated beneficiary in the event of death caused due to illness, natural

Standard consulting

Why You Need A Quality Assurance Management System

In our fast-moving throwaway society, it would be easy to think that quality was no longer an issue for businesses or customers. The phrase ‘you get what you pay for’ is commonly used when paying a low price for a product we don’t expect to

Expert Advice On Keeping Your Machinery In Tip Top Condition

With the New Year fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about getting your machines in premium condition for a problem-free, productive season throughout 2017.  At Machinery World, the service department has taken some time out from planning a comprehensive servicing schedule from January onwards

Swahili translation services

How Translation Service Company Can Improve Your Global Presence

If you are planning to widen your business presence on the global ground, chances are you don’t consider interpretation services seriously. Instead, you think of somebody having knowledge of the destination language to ensure smooth communication process on the floor. Is this what just required

The Evolution Of Art Hanging Systems

The Evolution Of Art Hanging Systems In Australia

It’s hard to believe sometimes that it’s only been 230 years since Australia was settled. Look at the country today, with its massive infrastructure, industry and innovation, and it feels as if we’ve been here forever. Interestingly, whilst the focus was obviously on building roads

How can Inbound Marketing strategies help B2B firms?

As we know that, every business need some marketing tactics to promote the products. But, impressing the customers in this ever-changing tech-world is a very hard task to do. That’s the main reason why some B2B marketing companies are shifting from outbound marketing or brand

4 Challenges Airline Industry is Facing Today

The aviation industry is playing an important role in fueling the growth of global economy. It is not only creating millions of jobs all across the world but is also a key player in annual economic activity. There are multiple benefits of aviation – it

Learning To Make It More Easier

New Language: Learning To Make It More Easier

Of all the free vernacular learning locales I’ve looked, is the easiest one to use, making it an extensive measure of fun learning another tongue. It’s to a great degree significantly more than essentially “fun”, it’s outright addictive. The site is neighborly and instinctive to

Cloud-based Expense Software

Cloud-based Expense Software to Eliminate Corporate Travel Hassles

Corporate travel and expense management comes with many painstaking tasks that make the process inefficient and cumbersome. Right from ticket booking to expense reporting, all the processes are quite chaotic when taking the manual approach. Spreadsheets and inefficient expense policies are the ones to be