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Places in London

5 Mesmerizing Places To Visit In London

What comes to your mind when you think of London? Noisy lanes, the giant London eye, cozy and laid-back cafes, bad weather, vibrant, and many people from many cultures. London is a leading city of fashion, politics, and culture, and also remains one of the

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Necessary travel gears with cheap cost price

When we think about travel one of the common thing comes to our mind is the travel kits and packs, in one word I should say travel gear to be considered for you sweet and sound travel. We need a budget gear but it must

6 Best Places To Visit In Kerala That Make A Romantic Retreat

Kerala is blessed with green and glorious surroundings to leave every traveler enthralled. Surrounded by thick cover of pines and backwater, sea beaches and houseboats, and some of the most romantic resorts and equally engrossing romantic experiences there are best places to visit in Kerala

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Benefits Of Right Servicing For Car

How happy did you feel when you bought your first car? Of course! You might have felt as the happiest person on the earth. In fact, we all did the same! But what if this dream come true transforms into a nightmare? Well! Don’t worry,

Best National Parks And Sanctuaries In India

India is an incredible country offering scores of tourist attractions to explore. From historical monuments and ancient temples to renowned landmarks and amusement parks, there is something for everyone here. Apart from these, India is also home to some amazing national parks and sanctuaries dedicated

Kerala tour packages

Tour Off to the Kerala Backwaters for a Serene Experience

Kerala nestled on the Tropical Malabar coast of South Western India ranks in as one of the top ten paradises of the world by National Geographic Traveller. Kerala boasts of a rich ecosystem and cultural extravaganza. Tour off to Kerala for a vacation and experience

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Dal Lake In Srinagar

Srinagar is endowed with exceptional vistas and gallant nature views. One can behold almost all the shades of nature in Kashmir. And it is here at Dal Lake in Srinagar that you get to behold nature’s finest creation. With the majestic Himalayas making the backdrop and the blue waters of the lake reflecting every bit of the mountains, there’s nothing more peaceful than a Shikara ride into the vastness of the Dal Lake.

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Traditional Eastern European Foods that are a Must Try

Eastern Europe is well-known for its traditional dishes. Cuisine in this part of the world is rich and welcoming for soul. Travellers to Eastern Europe like to enjoy these national dishes. You, however, don’t need to travel all the way to Eastern Europe to satisfy

mountain hiking equipments

Best Equipment To Keep While Hiking

Mountain hiking is an adventure, so if you are an adventure lover or want to explore things, then hiking is the best thing you can do. However, things do not end here! There are certain equipment’s you need to keep in mind whenever you plan

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Get The Car A Brand New Look That It Deserves

We all love to travel, right? But how we prefer to travel? In civil buses or our own cars? The fun doubles when the car is our own and we have friends in the car and we go for partying or some long rides. But

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Visiting Har Ki Pauri in Haridwar For A Spiritual Quest

Har Ki Pauri in Haridwar of Uttarakhand state, is situated on the banks of the Ganges. This revered destination is the most popular landmark of the holy city of Haridwar. Literally, “Har” means Lord Shiva and “Pauri” means steps. People believe that Lord Vishnu and

Enjoy soothing journeys by travelling in airplanes

Nowadays, everyone wants to have jerk free and painless journey. People like to travel in a comfortable and fastest means of transport, so that he can reach to the particular destination safely and comfortably as well. So many people prefer flights for the long route

zeta LTA

How Can Employees Gain From An LTA Card?

If you ask employees who have been using Zeta Optima’s LTA card, they’d all have to agree on one common thing: they do not spend time on filing and tracking their LTA reimbursements anymore. This is the difference a digital solution for LTA reimbursements brings

Kerala Tourism

4 Most Popular Things To Do In Kerala

Kerala is a tranquilizing sojourn in the south. The lakes, ocean, mangrove, backwaters, and creeks form the natural attraction while forts and ancient architectures make a treat to the eyes. Talk of activities and Kerala has a lot of them, There is a reason why