Coil Insertion by Skilled Gynaecologist to Avoid Future Complications

An IUD (Intrauterine device) or coil is a small T-shaped birth control mechanism that is inserted into the uterus of a woman to prevent unwanted pregnancy. It is a reversible birth control device that has the most number of satisfied clients. It is effective for people who cannot take pills due to high blood pressure, uncontrolled diabetes, previously experienced blood clots during previous pregnancy, women who have or have not yet had children. Many women in London and elsewhere use this contraceptive technique to avoid unwanted pregnancy and to be free from taking a birth control pill daily.

There are different types of intrauterine device present in many gynaecologist in and around London. Some of them are:

  • Copper IUD: It works mainly by disrupting the sperm motility and damage them during their journey of fusing into an egg. It increases the content of copper ions, white blood cells and prostaglandins within the tubal fluids and uterine.

  • Hormonal IUD: A little amount of progestin is released into the body due to this device. It helps in killing the sperm inside the uterus. It can gradually lead to the thinning of the endometrial wall and impair implantation. The menstrual flow is reduced that is used to treat heavy menses.

  • Inert IUD: It is made out of inert materials like steel or plastic. It is least effective and might lead to severe menstrual cramp. A local foreign antigen is introduced that results into a hostile environment for sperm and embryo.

There are many women who are live with a misconception that copper is not as effective as hormonal, due to its low cost. This thinking is absurd as the price is completely unrelated to the effectiveness of the device. You can Visit a Gynae Clinic to know more about these contraceptive options.

The coil is a contraceptive method that has been in use from ancient times. However, the materials have changed and the method of insertion inside the body has improved. This improvement was necessary owing to certain factors. Firstly, due to the failure of plastic coils and secondly, the device has undergone various shape amendments,

Being an invasive contraceptive method and people going to non-gynaecologist personnel to insert them inside the body makes it one of the most preferred techniques. However, it is better is the insertion takes place in a reputed gynaecologist clinic to ensure the correct positioning of the device. If the coil goes deep inside the uterus it can lead to perforation of the uterine body that can be fatal.

It is a foreign body that is inserted into the cavity of the uterus. It is a very sensitive area and if the process is not done carefully, it can affect patient’s fertility. An experienced gynaecologist will know the correct method of insertion and will use aseptic technique to do so.

It is a great method that does not require you to consume a pill daily to avoid unwanted pregnancy. However, any process can go wrong if you don’t have complete information about it. Therefore, you can visit a best private gynaecologist in and around London to know about this method.

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