A Complete Overview about Female-Body Anatomy

Reproductive-system of female-beings is really quite a complicated thing. This affair is so very sensitive that only specialists can only handle the same. Fertilized female-eggs are being produced by this system for fulfilling the purpose of reproduction. Menstruation and pregnancy are the two important aspects that are directly related with the concerned system.

Parts making female-anatomy:

  • Labia majora: Vital reproductive-organs of female-body are being protected by this part. It contains both sweat and oil-secreting glands and it is comparatively fleshy. This part becomes hairy immediately after puberty.
  • Labia minora: It is located inside of labia-majora and it is being surrounded by vaginal-openings and urethra-tube.
  • Bartholin’s gland: Beside vaginal-opening, these glands are located. They are needed for producing mucus secretion.
  • Clitoris: This is sensitive and small intrusion-like meeting-point of two labia-minoras. This part is highly sensitive and has got the capability to erect.
  • Vagina: Outside body and cervix can be joined by this particular part. You can also call it as birth-canal.
  • Uterus: Peer-shaped and hollow organ creating home for developing-fetus. Corpus and cervix are the two vital parts of uterus. Corpus expansion helps in holding developing-babies and on the other hand menstrual-blood is eliminated and sperms are entered via cervix channel.
  • Ovaries: Oval-shaped and small glands at either-side of female-uterus. Both hormones and eggs are being produced by ovaries.
  • Fallopian tubes: Upper uterus-part has got these narrow tubes and thy help in the smooth movement of eggs to uterus from ovaries. Egg-fertilization can be protectively done at these tubes.

Female menstruation:

Menstruation-cycle starts at reproduction-age. Every time this cycles makes your body prepared for potential-pregnancy. Four vital hormones are being released during this cycle and they are progesterone, estrogen, luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone. If you want to get a healthy menstrual-cycle, then you should take necessary advices from an experienced private gynecologist London.

Primary phases of menstruation:

  • Follicular phase: LH and FSH hormones are being released in this phase and they travel from brain towards female-ovaries. Estrogen-production can be triggered by these hormones. Menstrual-bleeding might increase with abnormal estrogen-production and in this respect only best private gynecologist in London can help you out.
  • Ovulatory phase: After fourteen-days from follicular-phase, this phase starts. This phase is considered as menstrual-cycle’s mid-point and after two-weeks of this phase, next cycle starts. Estrogen-level rises as a result of which eggs are being released. On the other hand, mucus thickness and intensity increases. This phase is the best time for making intercourse as sperms are being captured protectively.
  • Luteal phase: This phase starts after ovulation. Progesterone hormone is being released by corpus-luteum. This hormone helps in the creation of fertilized-eggs that are being implanted to female-uterus.

Approximately one-two million eggs are being produced by any fertile woman before menopause arrives. During reproductive-lifetime, only 500 eggs get ovulated. A healthy ovulation can lead to fertile eggs. If you are facing abnormal ovulation, then you got to receive the best private gynecology services in London.

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