Designing Mobile Application in the Outstanding Platform

Mobile applications are rocking the world with the performance in various fields. For this purpose, we can design the mobile application in advanced platforms which have different tools with it.


Android, iOS, and windows phone contain a cloud-based mobile application builder in the name of Appery.IO which has apache Cordova with some built-in-components. Apache Cordova is a name of phone gap of the mobile application. Cost price of this application is $180 per month for premium. While the application is running on the cloud platform, we couldn’t install or download any external files. To design the UI model, this application requires visual editors with drag and drop hardware components. In the Appery application, we can create our own create plug-ins.

Mobile Roadie:

This is an application designer where we can create our own application for iOS and Android.  Majority process of this application is importing the applications like RSS, Twitter, and Google news keywords. In this application, the clients or users can chat with each other through online. Free Mobile Roadie also available to get our exact files which we used in that. There is a process of submission, checking quality and appropriateness of the file which we have uploaded. The cost price of Mobile roadie application is $125 to $667 for core or pro.

App builder:

An app builder provides a suitable application for the suitable employees, clients, and events. After the complete training, we can design a new application within the app builder application. There is a protection for the application with usernames and password, in which we can fashion it with our own branded application. This app has no constant application; it depends upon our need for specifications.

An application is designed with the help of app builder’s active directory integration process. This application is distributed through app store where we can download the applications.  At an app builder’s platform, we should submit our files of the requirement within 60 seconds.

Good barber:

A good barber is an application which provides the platform to design some new and advanced applications for Android and iPhone. It does not require any single line code to control the operation and it has fashionable designing templates. This application has a free web application along with the iPhone and android applications. We can have a link with our domain name if we want this app to become a prior version of the website. Depends upon the plan of an application the cost is varying from $16 to $32 per month.

Appy pie:

A tool which permits a cloud based DIY mobile application creation is otherwise called as Appy pie. The main purpose of this creation is to improve the programming skills for windows, android, and iOS. In this application, we cannot download or install any files and it is possible when we create a new feature through online. Appy pie is available in Google play and iTunes. There is a possibility for push notifications, monetizing with advertisements and tracking the location by the use of GPRS. The cost of a price of this application is $33 per month for the platinum plan.


Appmachine is a platform of creating a new application for both iOS and android. To combine a variety of features, this application uses drag-to-drag interface with different building blocks. The building applications will lead us to link up with some social Media or with online stores. By using this application, we can design some specifications like navigation paths, colors, Fonts etc. cost of price is like one-time fee which is varying depends upon the features. Those are,

  • $499 for gorgeous plan
  • $899 for designing
  • $1299 for developer

Game salad:

This application is designing games on various platforms, including iOS, android, HTML 5 and OS X. game salad uses the technique of drag –to-drag interface for running the application without any programming language. It spends most of the time for creating game attributes. Recently, this application is teaming up with “Amazon” to provide some development offers. The cost of price is only $299 per year for pro.

Bizness app:

It exists perfect platform for the design of the mobile application and this is an easy process for business development. Bizness application contains some wealth related features named as food ordering, shopping cards, loyalty programs and dynamic contents etc. We can use this app depends upon the requirement and it is updated through online. For a mobile website, the plan cost is $29 per month and it will go up to $59.


Appmaker is a platform for DIY app creation which includes the creation of an application for android, iOS and HTML 5. It contains many features like push notifications, high-resolution photo gallery, live updates, and videos etc. It affords highest security standards by collaborating with industrial giants like McAfee and MetaCert. This application has a one-time fee as $99 for self-publishing process.


This platform contains the process of power user engagement, content management, monetization option and publishing process. It has the user-friendly option which supports dragging and dropping the components. A powerful synchronization process can make a new database through this application. ShoutEM platform helps the user to create a revenue stream for the app subscription deals and coupons. Nowadays the auto update is easy which make sure that the application is an advance of android and iOS.  We can access this platform with the paid version of $19.90 per month for the minimum features. If we want to access all the option and explore, we can take the offer of $119.90 per month as well.

Building an app, think of it:

It is a fact that the people are affected by the mobile apps and the developers are able to yield good profits through it. There has been a hike in the number of the app used by the folks. A survey states that the use of mobile phones has increased by 58 percent over the year. There is a prediction made by the techies that, the number of app downloads would be 270 billion.

Mobile app developers have to start thinking about developing the apps in a unique and intrinsic way. There are many platforms available for us to build the mobile apps. We need to assess and decide, which of the platforms would be the best one for us to use. The mobile apps are going to be a great revolution for the developers. They need to think well, design and develop the app in such a way it will make the user stay in the app.

Why mobile application? :

Mobile applications are achieving through wireless communication technique where the protocols are used for the transformation. The handheld devices like smartphones and tablet are enough to access these kinds of applications. Every business people are looking for smart work to simplify their working time. For that purpose, there is a necessity of mobile application within a handheld device.

Through the mobile application, we can hire the people for emplacement and also we can enhance our skills through it. This is the fact that, there is a similar app on one of the many app stores out there. We can get different information in the various fields through mobile applications which are very easy to use.

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