Easy Ways to Be Popular On Dating Sites

Dating has now moved o the digital world. It has now become easy to get your match from the millions of people on the web. Though the number of options that you have sounds exciting, similarly you have to compete against that many people. Thus the game is not easy and you have to be best at it to gain the attention of people.
Here are the popular tips you can keep in mind while trying your hand at online dating.

Creating Profile

It is only through your profile that people get to know about you. Keep it simple yet attractive add your interests’, hobbies and unique things about you. It should make anyone reading it to interact with you. It should raise their curiosity about you.


It is always not about the pout faces and tongue-outs. Fresh and interesting pictures that convey true nature of you will be the best suit for your profile.


While initiating a conversation keep it simple and engaging. Do not ask way too many personal questions. Get to know about the opposite person and talk general things.

Controversial Topics

Certain controversial topics will heat up arguments if you are supporting different sides of the issue. Avoid such discussions. Do not even start them; if at all the opposite person begins them try to end it as quickly as possible.


You may start with the simple idea of getting to know their political vies but it may lead to unnecessary arguments. The idea is not to discuss topics which may lead to difference of opinion but to avoid them at the initial stages.

Don’t Be Too Boastful

Do not show off about how much you earn or how smart you are, this puts you in the spot of an egotistical or self centered person. Though you may try show your achievements in life make it as subtle as possible.

Personal Choices

They may share personal instances or choices from their life but do not pass any judgmental comments regarding it. You never know what a person has gone through.


Be a good listener give keen attention to their words. You can latter carry your conversations in accordance with that. Try to remember the things that they share with you. This will be a great positive feature for you regardless of your gender.

Don’t Try Too Many People

Keep your choices limited just because you can chat with a ton of people does not mean you have to. Be selective and dedicate you time towards that one person. Trying to chat or hookup with multiple people shows your desperation rather than interests towards serious relationships.

Don’t Fake It

Just because the person you are interacting with does not know how you are doesn’t mean you need to carry a fake attitude. When people try to fake it is pretty much visible even if you are using the mask of internet.

Don’t Open Up Too Much

Being frank and honest are essential but letting out too many details is not a healthy option. Do not cross the limits until you have met the person for real after meeting online. Also do not force the other person to give way too many details. This all come down to the matter of trust.

Facing Rejection

Not all the times you will be liked by a person. There are times you need to accept rejection. Be graceful in doing so. This shows the maturity you posses and will be helpful in handling your future stuff.

When You Are Not Interested

So you don’t like to date somebody? Let them know, convey them in the most polite manner. They too have got feelings and don’t hurt them.


Abusing in internet is a common thing. Try to be away from such people. When you feel the person seems to abuse you cease all your interactions with them. Do not prolong any further talks as it will cause a lot of headache to you.


At the initial stage when you develop an interest towards someone be patient don’t build castles for your grandkids at the dreamland. This is however common to all dating. Be patient you don’t know that might happen when.


Limit your addiction for dating apps and sites. While it is exciting to flirt with so many people at once, it is never healthy to be an addict over anything. Online dating is just one of the few ways to meet people for getting into a relationship. It is not the end; you can meet lot of them in real life too.


“Lair lair pants on fire” these are the truthful words ever uttered. You lie and you get caught nothing more insulting than this. It tarnishes your image a lot and it is something you did to yourselves. Popular lies will be regarding job, degree and financial status. While it may attract people if you sound rich and posh, remember only people with not so good intention will be attracted by them.
If you are interested in a genuine relationship these lies are totally unwanted.

Religious Beliefs

You may be an atheist or religious person, but do not be judgmental over other person opinion. Never start arguments regarding them. They might turn out to be too ugly.


Try to understand the other person’s morale beliefs and thought process to know whether you can have continued interaction with them. While doing this do not get too judgmental and make a rational decision.

Profile Pictures

Do not, I mean never ever fall for a beautiful profile picture. Nobody is ever going to turn out to be as beautiful as they look in those pictures taken while giving a beautiful smile at a beautiful angle. If at all you go behind while admiring the beauty in the picture you might be up for a huge disappointment.


You are interested in them then go further and ask them out for a date. Do not delay this by over thinking or keep expecting them to make the first move. Show your interest and just carry forward.
At the end of a date there might be several things you need to worry about but while you are at the stage of online dating you don’t need to worry about it.
All though it is tough to follow each and every one of them, you can try the best to implement it. The more you use online dating the more you get accustomed to it. You no longer need to read through tips. So cool down if you are not doing well at initial stages.

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