End-to-End Broadcast Solutions for TV Networks to Boost ROI

Boost ROI

Being a brand, you cannot deny the fact that a TV ad is highly effective at triggering sales and gives higher ROI than any other form of marketing. Due to its visual nature, TV commercial is impactful when it comes to engaging the target audience.

With the steep rise in the competition, brands, broadcasters, and TV networks have started to leverage technology to make things easier to manage. For instance, technological advancements have brought several end-to-end broadcast solutions for TV networks to boost broadcast ROI.

This post talks about different broadcast solutions for TV networks. Let’s take a peep at them, one by one:

Advanced Channel Playout

Powered by cutting-edge technology, advanced channel playout helps TV networks to scale efficiently and improve viewership & broadcast ROI significantly. As the name speaks itself, it helps TV channels manage playout through the secure public cloud. Whether it is content ingestion, and storage & archival, it does all. In simple words, it makes things easier for media asset management and content delivery.

OTT Dynamic Ad Insertion

OTT dynamic ad insertion platform is an end-to-end broadcast solution that helps TV companies to deliver personalized and targeted ads through live linear OTT feeds. It is a server-side ad insertion, and today, leading TV groups leverage this broadcast solution to bring significant value to multiscreen advertising. This solution helps TV networks improve user experience and render ad-blockers ineffective. In addition to it, OTT dynamic ad insertion allows TV networks to insert ads into live sports and news efficiently, on any device, anywhere in the world.

Localized Platform

Localized platform is yet another end-to-end broadcast solution that helps TV networks localize content and commercials on existing satellite feeds with the aid of enhanced IRDs. With the help of this broadcast solution, television networks can centrally manage multiple content SKUs across many headends around the world.

Cloud Broadcast Platform

Cloud broadcast platform yet another significant broadcast solutions used by TV networks to prepare content to broadcast, store and archive as per preference, and manage playout to deliver efficiently. It supports multiple playlist formats, allows fast file transfer, and is compatible with different audio/video formats as per preference. This broadcast solution helps connect and collaborate with best-in-class third-party media service providers.

Concluding Point

The above mentioned end-to-end broadcast solutions have completely changed the way broadcasting used to happen in the past. These solutions have empowered TV networks to boost broadcast ROI significantly.

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