Facts About Carousell Singapore

Carousell is a private online marketplace. The market is a consumer to consumer type where users can deal in both new and used products. It is a multinational company and operates in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, and the United states. The company is headquartered in Singapore. Carousell was founded in the year of 2012.

The products have to pass through the marketplace’s community guidelines before they proceed as active marketplace listing. Carousell has launched their mobile app on both iOS and android platforms. The website has also suffered a lot of controversies like people posting screenshots of their bad experiences and more. Carousell offers many services like snap to sell and chat to buy. Users don’t have to register themselves as sellers and can go as standalone user indulging in selling and buying.

Here we are listing some of the important and less known facts about Carousell Singapore.

  1. Since its inception, 57 million products have since been listed for selling on its website. This number is huge, considering the company’s size and the countries it operates in.
  2. The first item which was sold on Carousell was amazon kindle e-reader which was sold for around $75 at that time.
  3. The average number of item listings per minute on Carousell has increased to 50+ since its start. A lot of people use Carousell all over the world and these numbers come from all the operational countries.
  4. The largest item ever listed on Carousell Singapore was a private jet. This information comes from the officials of Carousell but we are not yet sure whether the transaction took place or not.
  5. The most expensive item which was sold on Carousell was a property unit. We are not yet sure about the amount but according to company officials, this was the most expensive transaction ever.
  6. Carousell does not make any money from its website and services. They have not placed any ads on their website and do not earn any commission on any of the sales.
  7. Carousel Singapore currently includes a team of 30+ people. These people are the backbone of the website and are solely responsible for the smooth traffic flow and the transactions occurring on the website. This team consists of software engineers and web designers, and other community members.
  8. Carousell was started by Lucas, Siu Riu and Marcus and yes they are Singaporean. Lucas and Siu Riu were just around 20 years when they stepped into this business.
  9. Carousell is available in four languages. This initiative was started to increase their customer base and so that more and more regional websites can be opened.
  10. On an average basis, a number of 8 transactions happen every minute on Carousell. A follower system also runs on Carousell where users can follow other people and keep a track record of their listings. To know more about this system, contact the concerned department at Carousell Singapore Customer Service contact number.
  11. Carousell has received investments multiple times from all around the world. At current, around 500 startups invested around $1 million and then they received $6 million from Sequoia India. In their series B funding round, they raised a whopping $35 million. If anyone wants to contact the company for business deals, visit Carousell Singapore head office.

These were some awesome and less known facts about Carousell Singapore.

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