How to Find an Immigration Lawyer: Here’s Helpful Tips

Have you ever gone through the immigration process in Miami? If you go through it, you may be overwhelmed when you first sit down and get engaged in preparing all of the immigration forms. You will definitely realize that immigration lawyers should be hired. The lawyer can only help you manage the process. Though you can go through the immigration process without any lawyer, hiring a lawyer is a wise decision due to many reasons.

Why Hire a Lawyer?

In the immigration process, you may face many problems that can be the obstacle on your way. The legal assistant can help you go through the problems. There are some cases where a lawyer is required:

  • When you face any problem
  • You are running short of time
  • You don’t have any idea what to do
  • You cannot prepare your immigration case yourself
  • Or many other unforeseen situations which you cannot handle
  • If the immigration circumstance is complex
  • You cannot fill the I-924 form, which is an Application for Regional Center Under the Immigrant Investor Pilot Program

In the above-mentioned case, it is beneficial to look for professional immigration lawyers who can help you process of I-924 EB-5 form. To search a professional lawyer, you need to do some homework. If you want some handy tips, keep reading this article.

Obtaining references

The first step is to ask your family, relatives or friends whether they know any I-924 EB-5 lawyer in Miami. Though they may have never gone through the process, still they may give you some ideas or help you find an individual who has been through the process. They can let you know about someone who is in this service.

Search Online

Online is the most reliable and easiest way to complete your search. You can find many law firms that specially deal in the business visa service or handling the case related to immigration. It is advisable to make a list of lawyers who you think can help you. Contact these lawyers and interview them to make sure whether they can meet your needs. Try to know whether these attorneys have experience with the type of case you have. Immigration law is a specialty, so it can be tough for you to hire one who is familiar with your case. You can also ask the listed lawyers about any reference.


Remember, nothing is tough if you do your homework honestly. Follow the aforementioned instructions, it will help you search for a good I-924 EB-5 Lawyer in Miami.

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