Five Essentials For Your Beach Bag This Summer

There’s not long now before you jet off to sunnier climes for a bit of sea, sand and relaxation. You’re almost done up for your holiday money fund, and you’ll be starting to think about what to pack with you for your trip. There are so many great pieces in the shops at the moment that it can be tempting to buy everything you see, but to keep your wallet and your suitcase allowance in check, focus your purchases on what you’ll actually need to wear and use. And where possible, buy items that you can use a number of different ways, such as denim shorts or a maxi dress. However, I’ve got a few tips that are focussed on your beach bag, so make sure you remember to pack these bits in your suitcase while planning your travels.

A good pair of sunglasses

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Even if you are aiming to get an even tan when you head to the beach, you’ll want to bring along some sunglasses that meet certain requirements to shield your eyes from the rays. It can be very bright when you are surrounded by white sand and glistening water, so sunglasses will help you to see without glaring and squinting. Also, sunglasses can add certain something to your outfit, giving them a fashionable advantage too.

Two beach towels

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I’ve made the mistake of only bringing one beach towel with me before, and then not having access to any laundry facilities. Whilst this would be alright for a weekend escape, it doesn’t work so well for anything longer. Think about all the sand, salt and other debris that ends up on your towel – everything from bits of crisps to the sandwich you nibbled at lunchtime. Never mind the spilled sun cream and orange juice!

Something to cover up

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Next, what are you going to wear to the beach? It’s nice to bring something to cover up in under the midday sun. My recommendations here include a sarong, kaftan or a stylish oversized tshirt. I personally like to wear a maxi dress as my legs as quite sensitive to the sun, but I also like to wear thin loose fitted tees when I want to cover up my shoulders. Don’t forget the sun cream though!

A couple of bikinis

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Of course, if you’re planning on taking a dip in the sea, you’ll want to bring a couple of bikinis with you. Make sure you try these on before you head abroad, as it can be disappointing to find out that your old swimwear no longer fits. If you are looking for a new bikini, why not coordinate the colour of this with the cover up you plan on bringing to the beach?

Reading material

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Finally, don’t forget about bringing something along with you to keep you amused during your hours on the beach. This might be a magazine, book, Kindle or simply some chilled out music. Once you’ve packed this, you’re ready for the beach!

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