Guy Talk: Best Ways To Overcome Insecurity

In modern society, when it comes to dating, confidence is king. And the lack of it, on the other hand, can be quite frustrating and a big problem when it comes to sex. Whether it’s your body, your career or your intellect, confidence can be hard to come by. That’s why there are plenty of confidence-boosting programs out there and the whole industry made around it with one goal in mind – to rip you off. Despite popular belief, guys can actually be more sensitive in certain areas than women – and the first instinct for us is to just block ourselves. But there are ways to beat our insecurities, and this guide will try to point them out.

overcome insecurity in men

Body Issues

For centuries the women have put up with the Male Gaze and its damaging effects on their self-esteem. But in the 21st century, women are fighting this war with their own Female Gaze since it’s no longer a secret that they too enjoy a good looking body. This is further proved by the fact that liposuction has become the fastest growing plastic surgery when it comes to men. The obvious solution to body issues in men is to eat healthy and hit the gym in order to be pleasant to the female eye. You should also try to dress well, which basically means to wear clothes that fit you well regardless of your body.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Models

Just don’t compare yourself to male models and Hollywood stars, because you’re unlikely to ever have the time to look like them. Yes, you heard it right, it’s their job to look like that, so they can invest as much time as needed. The rest of us, on the other hand, have other things to do than practice all day. Besides, some of us are restricted by our genetics and can’t ever achieve the same “ideal” build that some of the models have. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t even try to improve your looks- because you should, and you should try hard. Because guess what? Girls do too.

Performing in Bed

Now this one’s the real devil. Sex. It’s the one thing that causes tons of anxiety in men and the one thing we feel like we should be best at. The truth is, the rise of the pornography in the past twenty years has destroyed most of the sex drive in men who can’t control themselves. The result? Most men think they’re ejaculating prematurely – and they probably are. Another thing is that we might compare the sex we’re having to the illusion that pornography creates. If you’re having issues, you should face them head on like many men who applied for premature ejaculation treatment in Australia. You should also probably stop watching naughty videos for a while and give in to your imagination instead.

Penis Issues

We’ve all heard the “Does size matter?” enigma and we know all the possible answers. But let me be blunt about one thing, it does matter to men. It’s the primary reason for insecurities in men and it doesn’t end with size, the shape has become an issue as well. Yep, we can blame it on the pornography here as well, since it propagates some extremely unrealistic scenarios especially when it comes to size. But what you should know, contrary to what we’ve been taught by xxx videos, is that the girth is actually far more important to your partner’s pleasure. Instead of dwelling on your size, you should probably learn how to use it because that’s the real deal.


It’s worth mentioning that you won’t be able to fight your insecurities until you acknowledge them. Once you do, though, and once you’ve overcome your first fears, everything will start falling into place. It’s like a domino effect, with the boost of confidence comes an enormous feeling of power and satisfaction, and you should definitely feel it. Always remember that you’re not alone at it, there are literally millions of men with the same problems you’re experiencing. And the faster you jump out of them, the faster you’ll see that most of the problem was in your head.

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