HGH Dosage: Is it Safe as a Weight Loss Drug?

Human growth hormone (HGH) is secreted by the pituitary gland which is found inside the brain. This protein-like hormone regulates the growth of bones during the developmental years. Immediately after it is secreted it is absorbed by the liver and processed there. It also maintains bone cells and body tissues as we age. Both children and adults who suffer from inadequate amount of HGH will therefore experience growth disorders. Growth disorders caused by HGH deficiency can be treated by taking synthetic growth hormones.

However, man-made growth hormones carry serious health risks. Specialized and frivolous athletes often use growth hormone as a performance-enhancing drug. As a result of this, growth hormone action caused a 1.6-fold upsurge in weight loss. A number of women have turned to HGH supplements to aid in weight loss effects and maintain the right body shape.

It is often considered that HGH and women are not friendly concepts. Allegedly it can be bad than good and can only spoil the perfect physique of a woman’s body, which is already blessed with unparalleled beauty. Nevertheless, this proclamation does not hold to be factual, seeing as how the human growth hormone is well-matched with both the man and woman’s body alike. Consequently, it is proven to be working well for women.

Do not forget that after 20 years of age, each and every year the amount of HGH produced by the body is significantly reduced and then a time will come when your body fail to maintain the adequate level. This is time when HGH comes into play.

The human growth hormone is often compared to steroids, which essentially increase the intensity of testosterone (more prominently in men). As a result of taking steroids women can experience horrible effects such as facial hair growth, deepening of the voice, reduction of breast size, irregular menstrual cycle, and many more.

However, studies have shown that a woman who is relatively healthy doesn’t need to rely on anything but her own body to achieve lifestyle changes such as an increase in exercise and a more balanced and nutritious diet. HGH for women may provide a number of benefits, but erratic hormone levels and the effect of growth hormone on other metabolic or endocrine functions in the body can often cause more trouble than they’re worth.

HGH therapy is needed in women going through certain medical conditions that are linked to the loss of human growth hormone. HGH is responsible for longevity in both genders. Thosepersonagessuffering from obese have limited response to growth hormone stimuli, and after efficacious weight loss effects, growth hormone response can be fractional or complete.Always review the benefits with drawbacks and avoid HGH injections for women without the recommendation and approval, oversight, and prescription of a physician.

Growth hormone in women also is important in reducing the risk of stress fractures, improving function of the metabolic system, and in resisting tissue breakdown. More women are now using HGH for its anti-aging and weight-loss properties.

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