iOS 11 Features: What is Expected from Apple September Event

People may have got extremely exhilarated after the announcement of iOS 11 as they came across the new and the revamped features of it at the WWDC event which was held in June but there could be something more to iOS 11 features. The ones which have been revealed indeed look exciting due to which people cannot wait to download the upcoming operating system. Users did expect to get introduced to some more features with the announcement of the eleventh generation OS which certainly did not happen. But we can surely envision coming across those expected features at the Apple September event.

Group Calling Facility in FaceTime

FaceTime is definitely a favorable inbuilt application which has turned out to be quite helpful for users. But people wanted the feature to get revamped this time. Many reports highlighted that the users would be introduced to group video calling in FaceTime after the release of iOS 11, but we have not come across something like that yet. Therefore, the officials of Apple might end up announcing about it at the upcoming Apple event which could be held in September. So, the group calling facility in FaceTime could be an all new iOS 11 Feature.

The Predicted Dark Mode Feature

People still feel that Dark Mode could be one of the features of iOS 11 as there were strong speculations earlier which highlighted that it might come into the picture with the release of the eleventh generation OS. Dark Mode certainly stands a chance to get announced at the Apple September event because of which several people are looking forward to getting introduced to it. The feature will apparently make the background of the screen dark which would turn out to be less stressful to the eyes.

Apart from the announced features of the upcoming OS at the WWDC event, people also got an idea about the Drag and Drop facility later. A developer discovered the feature a few days ago, and it has been said that it is compatible with the iPhones and the iPads. The Drag and Drop feature will help users to organize the items in their devices which sound quite great.

The iOS users are quite exhilarated to see what the American multinational company has in store for them. And they would be quite happy if the officials of Apple end up introducing the Dark Mode feature and come up with a reworked version of FaceTime.

Wrap Up

We cannot be sure of the compatibility of the devices with the operating system at this moment as it has not been officially announced yet. But people have already started making their predictions and are waiting for the revelation. We can definitely say that the upcoming OS would be a big game changer by looking at the iOS 11 features of the beta version due to which it has high chances of getting well received. And now the release date of the operating system is certainly awaited by people.

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