Martial Arts: Self Defence and Exercise in One

Martial arts emerged originally in Asia (India and China) in the 1550’s (even though many Europeans and Americans will dispute this statement). There are several reasons why this is practiced then: as a self-defence mechanism, for military or law enforcement purposes. The term martial art comes from two Latin words which means arts of Mars – the Roman god of war. There are lots of variations of martial arts as it has been distributed and altered according to a certain culture. Some martial arts has been practiced through Asia like Kalaripayattu in India, Karate from Japan, Kung Fu from China and Judo from Korea and Muay Thai from Thailand. Each variations has their own techniques and attack and defence style which makes each one unique from the other.

Nowadays, martial arts has been modernised and people are practicing it in gyms especially on the countries like the United States of America and Australia. People go to gyms or sports centre to execute such martial arts variations. Muay Thai training Bondi provides proper training on Muay Thai as it can be used for protection especially for women.  Aside from self-defence and exercise, these kinds of arts are good for reducing stress and releasing toxins from your body through the form of sweat, which makes you a well-balanced being. One must not do Muay Thai if they are not professionally trained to do so. These can affect lives heavily and must only be used when needed. Aside from physical training, these types of martial arts can also train you mentally. Although the physical aspect is easy to train, however things don’t go the same with the mental aspect. You must have that mindset for using such technique must be only appropriate in the right place, in the right time and on the right people.

There are mental aspects where you can be trained and you must look for the appropriate gears that will work out for you. First thing to do is check yourself. Check your mental and emotional status. Second is keep your energy. Third, have a killer instinct. Next, is the diet! You should eat nutritious food.

All people need exercise as it is needed by our body to work properly. There are lots of ways to do it, be it at home or in gym. But the most important thing to do is never forget to exercise. Exercise is our body’s food too. One good example of a workout session is taekwondo which is even taken up by kids now. Another is Muay Thai training. Whether it’s just a mere exercise or martial arts, you still have to keep that feet kicking.

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