The Need For Car Black Boxes

The Black Box, also called the Event Data Recorder (EDR) is no longer associated with airplanes alone. The importance of a Car Black Box is seen in the investigation of car accidents. Car black boxes provide immense help to police and insurance companies to reconstruct the events that took place in the case  of a car accident, especially those without any witnesses. There are also Car Camera SG that record videos and are used by drivers and car owners voluntarily. They are installed on the windshield or the dash board of a car and store data such as speed and video recordings.

Why Should You Install A Car Black Box?

Many cars come with a pre installed Car Black Box. They do not record audio and do not violate the privacy rights of car owners. Car black boxes record crucial information regarding car accidents and are usually activated a few seconds before the activation of the air bags in the car. Car Camera SG records vital evidence and can be used in the cases of accidents where the accused is trying to pass the blame on to someone else. In those cases, video graphic evidence is highly important and can prove whose fault it really is.

The Advantages of Car Black Boxes

Black boxes were initially used to record the cause of airplane accidents, but are now also used to record the events that lead up to a car accident or collision. This evidence collected from Car Camera SG is especially valuable when there are no eye witnesses present on the scene and the drivers are arguing  about who is at fault. Accident investigators and the police claim that the evidence collected from a Car Black Box is a powerful tool to determine whether insurance claims are genuine or not. Car Cameras are also useful for car rental companies so that they can clear any disputes regarding damages by viewing the data from the device.

Car Black Boxes Help Accident Investigators

Almost all new cars are fitted with a black box either under the seat, on the dash board or on the windshield. Usually car crash cases are easy to solve because a collision leaves behind evidence regarding the cause of the car accident as well as the one responsible for it. In addition to this, there are most probably bystanders who have witnessed the accident and can give a detailed account of the events that took place. In most car accident cases, accident investigators have not required the data obtained from a Car Black Box, but in many tough cases where there happen to be no witnesses, the data recorded by a Car Camera SG has been used as evidence in courts.

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