PlayStation 5 Rumors Rage on as Sony Remains Silent about the Next-gen Hardware

There may not be much in terms of PS5 news at the moment, but there are so many speculations doing the rounds that it gets hard to keep track of them all. In fact, a bunch of PS5 rumors started appearing almost as soon as Microsoft had unveiled their plans regarding Project Scorpio at the E3 2016.

Since then, an entire year has gone by and still we are none the wiser about what the Sony PS5 could bring to the table in terms of features and specifications. The lack of any official word has only fuelled the speculations further, as many believe that the Japanese company, which has always showcased a deftness in the marketing department, are maintaining the silence as they do not want the competition to come to know about their plans. The silence has, in fact, not mellowed the hype in the least, but only fed the rumors about PS5.

To take a look at the origins of the PlayStation 5 rumors, things started coming to the fore slowly but steadily after Microsoft’s announcement that their upcoming Xbox project would come equipped with an impressive 6 teraflops of power to help it run native 4K gaming. The number was much more than what the PS4 Pro, which came out in 2016, boasted of. But Sony officials began criticizing what their archrival had revealed by saying that they believed that a minimum of 8 teraflops of graphical processing power was needed to run true 4K for a console.

It may have been a clever strategy to beat the competition by hampering interest in their console in the works, but many immediately started speculating that the next gaming hardware from Sony could definitely come with the kind of power that they were talking about. This made sense, considering how everyone is aiming at the 4K mark in the gaming industry.

Other PS5 rumors also suggest that the new console is already in the works and that it has been for a while now. As is expected, Sony has not even let out a tease regarding the upcoming PlayStation 5. But now that the Xbox One X has been officially unveiled by Microsoft (and it sure looks very impressive, despite what their rivals have said), people have started talking about the Sony PS5. Many questions have also been raised, and it appears that Sony is definitely taking their own sweet time to develop something that will change the way that modern gaming works.

One of the biggest questions that have maintained a prominent presence is that about the possible PS5 Release Date. But while many sources had speculated that the next generation of consoles from Sony might be rolled out by 2018 at the most, that does not quite seem to be the case. As an inside source has told a noted publication, the least that people should expect the Sony PS5 to launch in is 2019, for there is no way that it could be released before that. If Sony sticks to that timeline, we may see some really telling teases in 2018.

For now, however, everything belongs to the world of speculation. As long as Sony confirms something, the PS5 rumors would only keep on escalating. But we remain hopeful about an impending announcement. Perhaps Sony’s briefing at E3 2018 will give some useful insights.

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