Premature Ejaculation – How to overcome problems and regain intimacy

Though this is a not oft discussed issue, there is no doubt that premature ejaculation is a big problem for men in the bedroom. There are several causes to it – Organic or physical causes include heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, Parkinson’s disease, obesity, multiple sclerosis. Anatomical disorders or commonly referred to as the structural disorders of the penis like Peyronie’s disease is also a physical cause leading to lack of erection or maintenance of erection. Substance abuse, alcoholism and smoking are also some of the common physical or organic causes. Radiation therapy performed particularly on the pelvic region; injuries acquired on the pelvic area or on the spinal cords are some of the other physical reasons leading to sexual dysfunction in men. It is one of the last frontiers in taboo topics and has to be talked about to alleviate anxiety and loss of intimacy.  Many men shy away from intimacy and give up sex altogether.  There are very safe and effective ways to treat premature ejaculation and Erectile Dysfunction.

Premature Ejaculation

How can men get the help they need?

A natural and effective treatment program for Erectile Dysfunction involves getting help and also education on what is going on in a man’s head and body each time he has sex.  It is possible to control ejaculation – just like controlling the bladder muscles.  It may sound complicated but not that difficult once the mechanics are known.  There are exercises that men can do to strengthen muscles and train the mind to be more relaxed during intercourse.  Once causes like anxiety and stress have been removed, men will find that they are able to perform better and feel more connected to their partners.

How to last longer in bed:

  • Satisfying oneself first: Doctors usually advise a man to masturbate first before having sex.  It will help them sustain and have an erection longer and enhance their performance after the fact.  Self control goes a long way.
  • Staying mentally calm: Focusing on making love to one’s partner will probably distract rather than help. Think of some less distracting topic and make sure to prolong the pleasure.
  • Breathing: Concentrating on one’s breathing patterns will help a person calm down and relax. This will help extend pleasurable moments in bed and have an orgasm at the same time as one’s partner.
  • Holding one’s testicles: Another tip for men is to hold their testicles gently during sex. It not only increases the erotic factor, it helps in controlling ejaculation.  Some people may perceive it as a distraction but it really works. Another method involves using a band at the base of the penis which helps in prolonging sexual activity as well as curbing quick ejaculation.
  • Condoms: Condoms can also help as they fit the penis very snugly. Many people don’t like the idea of wearing one as it reduces sensation during intercourse.  It is a great tool to help in lengthening the time frame for intercourse, especially for those who ejaculate quickly.

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