How To Prepare For IIT JEE While Being At School Level

If you are still studying in School, you may have lots of queries regarding which way to choose, after the schooling is over. There are plenty of courses out there, which can help you to pursue your dreams and make it as a career choice.

If you are aspiring to become an engineer, you must start preparing for IIT JEE in order to get admission in various IITs as well as NITs in the country. You can start preparing for Board exam level, so that you can practice your foundation course for class 10 along with it.There are some tips and techniques that one can derive from various sources.

What do You Need To Do As A Student?

You must be already aware, that your Class 12 or Higher Secondary marks do not matter anymore, to calculate JEE main ranking. However, you still have to perform as better as possible in your school exams, apart from taking coaching classes for IIT JEE. If you score well in your academics at the school level, it will make you more confident and mentally strong for pursuing your goal of studying in IITs or NITs.

If you to get admission in any of the NITs or IITs, you need to have either within the top twenty percentiles in your school, or you need to have at least 75% marks in Higher Secondary or Class 12 Board exam.

Things To Do During IIT JEE Coaching classes

There are some basic principles that can help one score well. One can start them as a step and later make them as a habit so that the learner can get agood score. Here are some of such habits that can prove helpful. Try not to miss any class or tuition session during the coaching period. You need to concentrate on the subject matter taught and have full attention during the classes.You must practice taking and making preparation notes, which will be easy for you to read and understand later on.You need to solve practice questions on every topic taught in your coaching class.

Try to practice questions that are included in the syllabus and not outside. You don’t have to go deeper as if doing research on the concerned topic or chapter.

Your objective must be to clear the exam of IIT JEE. Hence you need to practice various question banks on previous year exams. You can always do subject research work later on, after getting admission into an IIT or NIT.

You need to keep in mind that for effective preparation and to score more marks, you need to understand the concepts properly. You can score well in IIT JEE exam if you solve as many practice question papers as possible. Try to avoid any distractions and stay focused during your study preparation time.

You can start taking preparation by strengthening your foundation course for class 9 as well. At Miso Study, you can get study help for foundation courses, JEE and NEET exams.


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