Reasons for Opting for Equagel Medical Pressure Cushions

It is not uncommon for most of us to suffer from various ailments as most of the time we are sitting. Most often than not, you will have people suffering from the lower back problems due to the posture. Opting for pressure cushions can relieve the pressure put on the lower back. These Equagel medical pressure cushions are often times recommended by doctors and occupational therapists in order to ease any pain when you are seated. As these cushions have a specific gel, it tends to bring down the temperature of your body when you are seated. This leads to less of sweating which is comfortable.


Equagel Medical Pressure Cushions

Information on Equagel:

Equagel is a polymer gel which is dry. This is natural as the ingredients are all food-grade products. Generally, this is in the liquid form, which is fed into a machine which can solidify the gel.

What are Equagel medical pressure cushions?

Equagel medical pressure cushions are made of high quality materials specifically for people suffering from various ailments. These are made from a combination of gels which are silicone based or even silicone gel.  This is sealed in a bladder which is leak-proof and then attached to a base of foam.

These cushions are almost 3 inches in thickness. These have a gel bladder(s) with a waterproof vinyl as cover. This makes the cushion durable and also cleaning is easy. This gel bladder can be placed either in between or on top of the EVA layers of foam of a resiliency which is high. The seat cover has a cover which is latex free and can be easily cleaned. The fabric is designed specifically for heat reduction and transmission of air.

Some benefits of Equagel medical pressure cushions:

  • Thee Equagel medical pressure cushions are suitable not only for patients on a wheel—chair but also for the ones that have desk jobs for long hours at a stretch.
  • You can choose between the Roll n comfort cushion which is specifically designed for seating environments. You can also roll this up and carry it along wherever you go.
  • The Equagel medical pressure cushion spreads the load of the body as this provides less of contact area with increased amount of air-circulation.
  • These cushions will help you in recovery and also prevent any injuries caused by the pressure factor.
  • The covers of these cushions are waterproof and vapor permeable. This leads to additional comfort.
  • As compared to inflatable cushions, the pressure cushions will provide you a dry cushion/skin interface. This eliminates any risks of different allergies.
  • These medical cushions absorb all types of vibrations.
  • As these cushions are designed specifically for medical purposes they are not inflatable. This tends to eliminate the requirement for any adjustment.
  • Equagel medical pressure cushions tend to be cost-effective providing a number of benefits to all those opting for these.
  • In a case of soiling, these cushions can be easily washed in the washing machine.

Manufacturers and suppliers of Equagel medical pressure cushions:

There are multiple manufacturers and suppliers listed online. As there are different types of theses pressure cushions you need to conduct a search in accordance to your requirement. You have a choice between the

#1. Straight Comfort Cushion:

This works out to be an apt choice for rehabilitation centers and nursing homes.  As this can be placed in any position, works out well.

#2. General Cushion:

This is configured in a two-stage gel configuration. This includes a pelvic contour of ¾ inch for helping the user to be positioned in the right manner.

#3. Protector Cushion:

This specifically designed to help in the healing of wounds.

#4. Adjustable Protector Cushion:

The adjustable protector cushion offers a freedom for the adjustment of the contour.

Check out which of the above mentioned is suitable to your requirement before you opt for one.

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