Reveal the Delicious Facts about Cakes

The meaning of cake has changed over the time. Cake has been in times since past thousands of years or you can say even as far as from 16th century, the cake has been in existence. But its taste, form, design, frosting and everything else changed with times over the years. Cake is a form of sweet, flattened bread which is liked by all ages. This has been changing with years and innovations and creativeness of the bakers. Our bakers have been trying out new ideas and innovations just for us so give us the new taste, new form and new design of the cake.

Such cakes have been in existence and such creativeness has even become available online as well. You can now send cakes to Bikaner just by logging onto the cake website.

Some Cake Facts –

The cupcakes are in production since early 19th century. These are called cupcakes because these were and are baked in cups and also prepared from ingredients measured by cups.

In the early 16th century, the word cake simply meant flatbread which is sweetened and then baked.

Placenta is the Latin term for the word cake. Placenta actually means a flat shape; hence in Latin a cake was called Placenta.

The mention of cupcakes for the very first time was in the year 1796 by the American Cookery by Amelia Simmons.

The world’s only Trappist monastery is the Assumption Abbey which has been selling fruit cake only online, since ages.

In Roman times, butter and eggs were often mixed and added to bread to give a smooth consistency so that it could appear more or less like a flat piece of cake. Honey was used as a sweetener. Thus the distinction between the concepts of Roman cake and bread were not too specific.

World’s first bakers were Egyptians. They had huge bakeries where they used to bake with hot stones. They were the first to discover the use of natural yeast which is the reason for the cake to rise.

The “by default” shape of cake is supposed to be round. Reason being that in the ancient times the bakers used to bake cakes on a heavy round stone which by default gave them a round shape.

The love for cheese cakes proves that these are the latest innovations in the modern times. But this is not correct. Cheese cakes are actually “no flour bake cake” or “flourless cakes”.

Cakes have always been a loved food by all generations pan world. Whether any country or nation or ancient times or modern, cakes have been and are loved by all. Though there will always be such and much variations in the making of the cakes and flavors of the cakes.

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