Safety tips for using photosensitive essential oils during summer

Using essential oils for calming or uplifting is incredibly popular and useful. The safe use of favorite oils in the summer should never be forgotten. Some essential oils like citrus oils – though quite popular for their summery, bright scents – are known to bring about sun sensitivity. They contain compounds that raise UV sensitivity. While they are the most common culprits, other oils can contain elements that make them sun-unsafe too. You should always read labels prior to applying any photosensitive essential oil to ascertain its photosensitivity. You can determine whether any oil blend will be sun-safe or not by gauging the quantity of photosensitive oil in the mix. Here are tips for safely using essential oils during the summer.

Nighttime use

You can considerably reduce related risk by using photosensitive oils during the nighttime. You should have no problems when you add the oils to your normal night skin care routines like lotions or evening body wash, bath just before bedtime, or relaxing neck, back or foot massage before bed.

Shield treatment area

You can greatly lower your risk of any reactions by covering up areas you have applied the oils to in order to block out UV rays. You should throw on a hat or crewneck tee shirt after applying oil to your lower chest, temples or back. This move ensures that UV rays do not get directly onto the areas of your body where you have applied the oil. You should ensure that any part of the body you apply any oil, including any of the essential oils for calming, is completely covered and protected by a tightly knit or heavy clothing material.


Following the instructions written on the label of any oil to the letter is the best means of avoiding any unwanted and negative reactions. The majority of undiluted photosensitive oils need around twelve hours before you expose yourself to the sun. There are even some that need as much as forty eight hours after using them before sun exposure. You should be conscious that whether the oil you use is diluted or not, and the quantity you use both influence the level of the concentration of photosensitive compounds the oil will have. You should also never forget that sunscreen helps you greatly in remaining safely in the sun, even after the suggested waiting time has elapsed.

Promptly rinse any affected body area with a lot of cool water after getting away from UV exposure if by any chance you are having a reaction. The quantity of oil on your skin is also reduced considerably with the help of a light wash using soapy water. Should the reaction spread over a considerable part of your body or become painful, you should then seek professional medical advice immediately.

Everybody loves essential oils but it’s quite necessary that you understand how to use them properly. Always reading and adhering to instructions is the best care for you and your family.

If you can do all these, then you will discover that there are plenty of photosensitive compound-free oils like the valerian essential oil to use for winding down after your exciting summer adventures.

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