The Short People Problem

As an Asian with an average height, things can become inconvenient sometimes. Based on real experiences, I can share experiences that show you how to relate with the common problems of short people. Real situations like can’t watch performances by being blocked the crowd, can’t reach the light bulb in the ceiling even win the aid of ladders, getting confused with the direction in a crowded area since the vision is being intercepted by people and many more real life experiences.

While doing my regular grocery shopping, there will cases that some items that I need are located on the top of the shelves, in which I can’t reach. Even though how embarrassing is it or how funny it is, to finish my grocery, I would have to sum up my courage and depend on the help of the grocery’s crew or a stool to get the product I want. You see, in our perspective, even how much other people will tease us; we have limitations and have no choice but to accept it and learn to adapt to our daily activities.

Insensitive Treatment

Being short can sometimes attract unwanted attention. People will probably tease you as tiny and make an entertainment out of you. Due to this immature mind-set of this group of people, a short person tends to be sensitive in conversation in regarding heights. That is why they tend to resort in activating their defence mechanism and depicted as frustration to their height.

While becoming taller, it can boost one’s confidence and naturally tend to be open and more sociable. Most of the people want their partner to be tall which makes it harder for short people. Girls tend to be attracted to taller guys since they see them as more athletic and prince-like stature.

Natural Growth

Everyone wants to be tall so they can become more physically attractive, have confidence and participate more in sports. As a child, we are taught that eating vegetables, drinking milk and sleeping eight hours a day helps in the growth of our bones and muscles. Therefore, keeping such healthy lifestyle will tend to increase our height during puberty.


It can be compared with the situation of a plant. In which it needs the sunlight, the nutrients from the soil and water to grow bigger and strong. But even though with proper care, most of the people won’t get taller since it is more on due to the hormones within our body and genetics. As you can see, different races have their own averages heights due to these factors. A good comparison of such case is between Asian and Westerners. The average height of Westerners can be already considered tall in the perspective of Asians and vice versa.


Since hormones are also responsible for the growth of a person, there are available drugs that can be used and available commercially to induce it in our body. There are products containing natural growth hormone secretagogue that helps the pituitary gland. A very important gland in our body that controls hormones of the other glands and helps stimulate the body’s natural growth hormones. Growth hormone pills that can be bought at any pharmacy are considered great boosters and safe because it is mostly derived from natural ingredients.

People who want to grow even by an inch can try to incorporate growth hormone products as a dietary supplement with their healthy lifestyle. Though, results may vary since there is limitation with our body’s structure and genetic.

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