Smart Parenting Tips: How to Get Involved in Your Child’s School?

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Do you remember your school days? Through your child, you can revive those days: field trips, fun at class, school carnivals, art & craft activities, science experiment and many more such memorable times. Besides, getting involved in your child’s education will help you keep in touch with teachers and administrators, and you will be well aware of the activities that are going on in your child’s school. It will also help your child take more interest in his/her school activities.

Let us see how you can take more interest in your child’s school activities.

communication app for schools


Get to know school staff

Teachers, principal, school activity coordinators are prime contacts you should mingle with. Attend school’s open house and try to stop by more often to get a chance to introduce yourself. Let them recognize that you are interested in getting involved in school events.

Right way to contact them

It is important to keep in touch with your child’s school teachers and staffs, but what’s more is to choose the right medium to contact them. The preference and different modes of communication vary from teacher to teacher. Some are okay with emails while others like to use smart communication app for schools. It is better to ask them about the right medium and right time so that you don’t disturb their privacy. At present, on a large scale schools have started adopting school apps to make the communication between school and parents smoother and instant. Enquire school if they use any such smart app.

Volunteer in class

Schools and teachers often welcome help from parents. You can talk about your interest and lending a helping hand to the teachers at the beginning of the new session. From time to time, keep reminding them that you are interested in helping whenever you are free. Even if you are full time working parent and find it difficult to make room in your schedule, you can offer to prepare materials for class projects.

Join PTA

Check out the local parent-teacher association in your locality. PTAs are great mean to meet other parents, know about school activities, raise fund for projects, etc. If you are having difficulty in contacting the local president of your child school’s PTA, make an inquiry via your child’s school; they may provide you contact details.

Form a network

Other parents may prove a great source of information about your child’s school. You can form a strong advocacy group by contacting them. If the school doesn’t have a meeting place for parents, you may ask them for getting a one. Space can be served well for sharing unmanned information like updates, minutes from PTA meetings, contact numbers, fliers for upcoming events, etc.

A good relationship between parents and school always comes with many benefits. It not only gives you a chance to live the childhood days twice but also facilitates your child’s growth, academic as well as a person.

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