Spend Quality Time with Your Friends at Social Cyber Hub

When it comes to Gurgaon, two things immediately pop up into our mind, i.e. crowd and the nightlife. Gurgaon is one of the most bustling cities in North India, and basically known for its gigs, events, shows, concerts and so on in order to keep you running on the path of celebration. If you are living in Delhi NCR, and planning to host a party or want to hang out with your friends, then you should definitely visit Gurgaon in order to try something new.


Amongst numerous most happening and contemporary places in Gurgaon, you must check into social cyber hub, one of the most lively and most visited places. Social cyber hub has officially brought the bae from Bombay and it is unlike its sister branches in G-town. Conceptually, this new Social uses the mindset of a localite with behavioural references from chawls of Mumbai, creating and producing an everyday comforting and interactive space. This place has evolved into a area that symbolizes community living- a place that stands for unity, togetherness, security, camaraderie, cultural essence and ethos, which accordingly minus all of the pretences of modern day life.


Further, Social creates spaces with varying scales ranging from a two-tier local train seating to a courtyard setting and private chawl rooms with beds. The space, through a revealing narrow gali, unveils flanked rooms on both sides, leading to a large central courtyard housing the bar and the dance floor. The courtyard has seating with carom board table tops that gives the feel of casual chawl evening. Apart from that, taking the spirit of urban settlements, the outdoor furniture is also formatted inside concrete hume-pipes, which are artistically vandalised with graffiti inside. The rustic open balconies, the clothes hanging outside and the pan shop at the entrance will definitely give you the very feel of a realistic environment. In addition to that, this exceptionally well-set place is complemented by some delectable food and drinks. The ‘Strawberry Lemonade’ and the ‘Peach Ice Tea’ are just the things to accompany your food. For starters the ‘Fish Tacos’ and the ‘Potato Skins’ should not be missed, as they are absolutely delicious.


Social cyber hub is the newest restaurant by Social Offline, and it will never disappoint. Be there for the lively ambience, quirky interiors, music that would make your body groove to the beat, and the oh-so-delicious food and drinks. This amazing place is considered as the perfect place to spend time with your friends.

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