Tips to Use the Split System Air Conditioners in The Most Efficient Way

Owing to the global warming and the rising mercury levels over the years, air conditioners have now become more of a necessity than being an item of comfort or luxury. While, different variants are available these days, there are primarily two types of air-conditioners – window system and split system air conditioners. While, the former involves a lot of hassle during its installation, the latter is easy to install and adds more style to the room, as well.

However, if not used properly split system air conditioners can give you a heavy shock in the form of the energy bill. Here are some useful tips that will tell you how to use your split system air conditioner in the most energy efficient way.


Air Conditioner

Draw the Curtains

While using the split system air conditioners, most people just close the door and windows. So that, the outside heat does not find an easy passage inside the rooms. However, not drawing the curtains on the windows (and doors if there are any) is a common mistake that people commit. Drawing the curtains will not let the transient heat of the sun get inside the room, as well.

Turn the Air Conditioner on Early in The Day

It is wise to the turn the split system air conditioner early in the day, as the air is comparatively cooler then. Turning the AC on during the early hours, then turning it off after some time can keep the room cool for hours provided the doors and windows are closed and the curtains are drawn. You can save a good share of your energy bill by following this simple tip.

Set the Right Temperature

Another common mistake that most people commit while using split system air conditioner is that they set the temperature to as low as 16º or 17º. It unnecessarily burns the condenser up quickly and causes a huge dent on the pocket in the form of a higher energy bill. Instead of setting the air conditioner to such low temperatures, setting it at 24º-25º will not only give you the most comfortable feeling, but also save on the energy bills to a great extent.

Avoid Installing the Air Conditioner in A Cramped Space

Unlike window AC units, split air conditioners require periodic maintenance. So that, they can do the right amount of cooling in the most energy-efficient way. It is, thus, important that you install the indoor unit of the split system AC in a place, which is not cramped and will not cause any inconvenience to the technician, who will come for carrying out maintenance activity of the air conditioner unit. Lack of maintenance can cause higher energy bills, as the unit will not be able to cool the room, as much as it should.

Get the Maintenance Done Right Before the Summers

It is obvious that as the summer’s approaches, the use of the air conditioner and the business of the technicians rise up. It is, thus, wise to get hold of a technician right before summer begins and get the maintenance of the split system air conditioner done. Do not fail to get the filters of the unit cleaned while the maintenance activity is going on.

Keep Light-Producing Objects Away

Keeping lights, computer, or televisions near the thermostat of the air conditioner can cause the poor functioning of the thermostat. Thereby, causing the condenser to work for longer hours. Thus, reducing its longevity and increasing the energy bills. It is best to keep such objects away from the air conditioner and avoid turning them on as much as you can while the split system air conditioner is on.

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