Tokyo Tourist Guide: Top places to visit

Japan has come a long way. From a country wounded by a deadly nuclear attack, it has bounced back as a leading center of trade and business. It now stands as one of the most developed and modern countries in Asia. With its unique culture and exciting cuisine, naturally the country, mainly Tokyo attracts scores of tourists from all over the world.

Cheap flights to Tokyo are hard to come across. You have to be clever and vigilant in the planning and booking stage to be able to manage the trip well financially. You could sell airline miles for cash or redeem them, the choice depending on whatever is more beneficial. To sell airline miles for cash, you have to make an extra effort though, whereas redeeming them is a more common and typical use. Once you bag a good flight deal, your next step is to start the planning. Which places should you see and which ones should you leave out. Here is where this article comes in handy. Listed below are the top places to visit in Tokyo.

  1. Tokyo Disneyland

If you are on a short trip, make sure you prioritize your destinations. Tokyo Disneyland is one place that you must visit. It is not only a popular place in all of Japan but in fact entire Asia. The place bustles with tourists all year round.

  1. Tokyo Skytree

Visit Tokyo Skytree to enjoy amazing views of the city. Have food at the restaurant high above to make the experience unforgettable and memorable.

  1. Odaiba

This artificial island boasts many exciting destinations and activities. Among other things, the statue of liberty replica, Aqua city shopping center, Venus fort, Daikanransha (Ferris Wheel), Shiokaze Park and Panasonic center are the most popular.

  1. Tokyo DisneySea

Spread across 176 acres, Tokyo DisneySea boasts themed rides, eateries and hosts loads of fun shows all year round. The area is part of the Disney Resort and is located just outside of Tokyo in Chiba.

  1. Tokyo Imperial Palace

Residence of the emperor of Japan is a great source of attraction for tourists due to its architecture and vast gardens. Within the premises is a museum and a music hall as well which further interest all visitors.

  1. Senso-Ji

If there is one temple you can visit in Tokyo, Senso-Ji should be your first choice. It is one of the oldest temples in the country and holds great importance religiously as well as historically.

  1. Ueno Park

Tokyo boasts many parks. Ueno Park continues to be the most famous among all. Boating and picnicking is very popular there. Within the park is a zoo and museum as well.

  1. Roppongi

This is one of the most happening and fun areas in the city. It is mainly famous for its nightlife. The night clubs in the area are well known all over the world for their parties and bars.

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