Unlimited Reseller Hosting: A Beneficial Deal for Businesses

In general hosting services operate on two environments namely Linux and Windows. Linux systems are less vulnerable to cyber threat and therefore it is said to be more secure than Windows platform. Stability is another crucial factor that makes Linux preferable over Windows.

No surprise why Linux hosting has become the first choice of a majority of website owners not only to host their website but also earn profit through it.

Yup! You read it right. You can earn profit through unlimited reseller hosting.

Powerful Linux Reseller Hosting: A Brief Introduction

Unlimited Linux Reseller Hosting

Unlimited Reseller hosting is a form of web hosting that lets individuals and businesses earn income from the hosting market. In this type of hosting, the reseller is the account owner who can use his/her space and bandwidth to host websites for third parties.

In addition to it, a reseller has the ability to rent a dedicated server or resell shared hosting services. In simple words, you can partition and resell the space your purchase from a hosting company as per your requirements to earn money.

One of the biggest advantages of unlimited reseller hosting is it overall reduces the cost of hosting for you and your customers, and makes web hosting affordable.

Now, let’s take a glance at its features that makes it a beneficial deal for businesses.

Powerful Linux Reseller Hosting: Features

The features mentioned below is what usually a well-reputed hosting company offers and to give an idea about unlimited reseller hosting. However, these features may vary from company to company.

Powerful Hosting Control Panel

It lets you have a complete administrative control, active server monitoring, and flexibility to limit disk space, bandwidth, databases, etc.

All in One Billing & Client Management

You can easily manage billings for all your clients as it comes with integrated domain management with a simple and secure interface.

Easy To Use cPanel

You can manage web pages, view page statistics, install blogs, shopping carts, and a lot more.

Advanced Email Hosting

In general, an unlimited reseller hosting provides support for SMTP, POP3, and IMAP. Further, emails are highly compatible with mobile devices and easy to configure with Outlook, Thunderbird, and Windows Mail.

Multiple Language Programming Support

An unlimited reseller hosting provides support for multiple languages to fulfill diverse needs of clients.


Choosing a suitable web hosting package is not everyone’s cup of tea because organizations that have tight budgets may find difficult to go for a dedicated server hosting. Here, going with reselling web hosting is a viable option to afford and experience dedicated web hosting. So, unlimited reselling web hosting is a beneficial deal for businesses.

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