Some Useful Tips for Vocal Recording and Mixing

Life is a continuous trial and tribulation for Human Beings. They always remain in search of entertaining means to forget the worries of life. Music is one of the greatest enjoyments that Human Beings prefer over other entertainments because of its soothing and spiritual effects. Since the invention of computer and technological tools, Human Beings have been recording and playing music for fun and enjoyment. Recording studios have been set up in almost all the countries where the recording is made. Every country has its particular music related with its culture and religion. Recording involves some set of parameters to be followed and music professionals have put forth some tips to make recording a miracle. These are:

1-Right Equipment;

The very first tip for good recording is to use quality equipment, especially microphone (but also true for other recording equipments). Usually condenser microphones are used because of their high-quality recording. It is most recommended to purchase a quality studio pack for quality vocal recording. Recording studio Sydney is the studio which uses quality equipment for vocal recording.

2-Suitable Distance

Good recording can also result if the mic is at a proper distance from the lips. Usually, the distance of 6 or 8 inches is recommended for good vocal recording. If it is not followed the sound will be varied in effects. For example, more bass will be created when mic is near lips, say 1 inch.


Another very useful tip for heart touching recording is to record in isolation. This will reduce the noise in the room and result in more clear voice quality. Moreover, it also prevents the reflection of sound and only the single voice of vocalist is recorded.

In conclusion, we can say that for vocal recording always select some perfect place. It would be a great experience to record in a recording studio.

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