10 Benefits Outsourcing Offers to Businesses

The concept of outsourcing non-core business to a vendor offering domain specific services is not new. As per the recorded history, outsourcing dates back to 1950s-1960s. It was not until the 1990s, that outsourcing became popular. Internet was the technology that helped propel this concept in the direction of success. Since then, the outsourcing industry has been flourishing continuously.

Over the last two decades or so, outsourcing companies have helped businesses to deliver impeccable customer support services to improve their customer experience and satisfaction level, retention rate and build a positive brand in the market. Not only this, they are also helping businesses make effective marketing strategies by giving them market insight, awareness, identifying new business opportunities, generate leads and increase revenues by offering them best in-class telemarketing services.

To ensure that business leverage all the benefits offered by outsourcing, it is imperative that a company chooses its outsourcing partner very carefully. Outsourcing telemarketing services and other call centre functions to an established and trusted call centre service provider that specialises in telemarketing and lead generation services enables organisations to better focus on their core competencies and major focus areas while outsourcing the lesser ones to an expert.

Businesses realise benefits in the form of:

• Increased number of qualified leads – as experienced professionals work on your behalf to spark interest in prospective clients/customers
• Increased number of sales – as expert telemarketers try to sell products and services to new customers and up-sell and cross-sell complementing products and services to existing customers
• Improved level of technical support – help desk and contact centre – since your processes are managed by experts with their core focus as technical support
• Improved focus on core business
• Improved customer retention rate
• Lower total operating cost and higher ROI
• Time-bound resolution to customer challenges
• Improved system availability and reliability – round-the-clock support combined with state-of-the-art technology and processes
• Improved customer experience
• Greater levels of customer satisfaction

Over the years, successful businesses have planned and transformed their partnerships with call centre and proficient telemarketing services providers as a strategic differentiator for their business. In today’s competitive world, outsourcing functions like call answering, customer support, technical support, telemarketing, lead generation and others not only save significant costs but are also adding value in terms of retaining customer loyalty and building brand excellence. With a host of technologies and analytics driving the call centre outsourcing, businesses are now in a better position to analyse data and study evolving customer challenges, demands, and behaviours to design products and processes that create a loyal and ever-lasting customer.

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