10 Best Things to Do In Italy: Unmissable Experiences for an Unforgettable Tour

Italy, the beautiful European country has everything to lure tourists – the canal city of Venice, lovely beaches, and the best of art museums and opera theatres, gastronomical brilliance, fashion hot spots, and a bustling shopping scenario. Owing to numerous attractions in this country, choosing what to do can be an exhausting task.

This list of 10 best things to do in Italy features experiences that will make your vacation a memorable one. Gondola ride, attending Opera performances, cruising on Lake Como, and shopping in Milan are some of the must-do activities. Make sure you see them on the itinerary as your surf through the bestselling Europe tour packages for Italy.


  1. Take a Gondola ride

Riding a Gondola is often found at the top of a traveler’s bucket list for things to do in Italy. Sailing through the canals and landmarks of Venice like the Grand Canal, aboard a traditional Gondola is a memorable experience.

To make it romantic, you can opt to sail in the evening with Serenade Gondola. In this tour, you’ll be sailing with your love, while the rower sings folk melodies.


  1. Visit the museums of Vatican City

Italy’ Renaissance art has captivated hearts of many around the world, and touring the Vatican Museum is the best way to understand why. The museums of Vatican City exhibits masterpieces that have created the buzz across globe. Not just the exhibits, the museums are recognized as an epitome of wonderful architecture. The roofs and walls are beautified with murals, sculptures, paintings, and carvings; all of which flaunt the incredible Italian heritage.


  1. Shop in Milan

Milan is often regarded as the fashion capital of the world. There are a lot of shopping places and items that you’ll be left mesmerized. From upmarket and international fashion outlets to street style, here you can shop at your heart’s content.

Best places for shopping in Milan: Corso Venezia, Corso di Porta Ticinese, and Via Montenapoleone


  1. Take a long drive by the Amalfi Coast

Regarded as ‘an outstanding example of a Mediterranean landscape, with exceptional cultural and natural scenic values’ by UNESCO, Amalfi Coast is Italy’s most beautiful destinations. This 50 kilometer of coastline is dotted with towns, vineyards, cliffs, and lush groves.

Driving through Amalfi Coast is among the best things to do in Italy, and if you’re into luxury cars, hiring a Ferrari or Lamborghini will add cherry on the cake.

Suggested stops: Duomo di Sant’Andrea, Amalfi Town, Valle dei Mulini, and, Praiano and Positano


  1. Attend Opera and Ballet performances

Be a part of an evening filled with romantic charm, dedicated to opera and ballet performances. Even if you are someone who’s not into opera or ballet, quite often opera houses are architectural wonders and worth a visit.


  1. Go wine tasting in Tuscany

A wine-lover’s fantasy, Tuscany is where you can taste finest and freshest of Italian wines. With miles of vineyards, Tuscany allures with its scenic splendour. There are various bicycle tours that are held for exploring this wonderland. You can even rent your own, and go about at your pace you please.

  1. Cruise on Lake Como

The inverted Y shaped lake, Como is hailed among the most beautiful places to visit in Italy. Surrounded by quaint hamlets and towns, Bestowed with pleasant weather around the year, cruising through Lake Como has to be an unmissable activity while you’re in Italy.

  1. Tour the glowing caves called Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto in Capri Islands is a gem in itself. This cave in the sea actually glows and give out electric blue color. This phenomenon is caused due to sunlight hitting the sea waves. A tour through this mystical cave gets even more enthralling when Neapolitan melodies are played in the backdrop.

  1. Explore the historic wonders of Pompeii

With a backdrop of a volcano, Pompeii is an archeological gem, and a World Heritage Site as declared by UNESCO. The area served as a township in the olden eras, but was unfortunately destroyed in 79 A.D, post the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. But, even today the remnants are praised by travelers coming from different countries across the world.

Best places to visit in Pompeii:  Temple of Apollo, House of the Tragic Poet, and House of the Faun

  1. Indulge in the gastronomical offerings

Italy’s culinary brilliance has made the world fall head over heels for it. When you’re in Italy don’t miss out on its gastronomical delights. Just wander through the narrow cobbled pavements of Italy tasting local wine, Gelato, pasta, and of course authentic Neapolitan Pizza.


Now that you know what to indulge in on your trip to Italy, it’s time you pack your bags and get going!

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