10 Essential Tips To Find the perfect Corporate Gifts

Today corporate gifting has become a common thing in most companies, to clients, industry peers and employees. And merely gifting is not good enough, giving great gifts is important. But the art of gifting is not everyone’s cup of tea, and there are a lot of things that you need to consider before choosing a gift. We are here to help alleviate some of that stress, here are ten tips that will help you in picking the most awesome corporate gifts.

Quality over quantity

Choose gifts keeping the fact in mind that they are a kind of representation of your company. The quality of the gifts you present to your clients will give will say a lot about your company. So, going for the best quality is very important as you are putting the company name on them.

Be aware of corporate policies

Being aware of the rules is important, today many organisations have strict guidelines on corporate gifting, and in many government offices, it is even prohibited to receive gifts. Be sure that you check the policies beforehand and then plan accordingly.

Presentation matters

Any gift is just as good as it looks. In simple words, the way you present your gift matters just as much as the gift itself. So, spend time on packaging it perfectly, this can turn a very nice gift to ‘Wow’. Going with a professional wrapper is also a good idea, as they can reduce your workload and also give you the best results as this is their job to make gifts look awesome.

Keep cultural differences in mind

Today organisations have clients from all over the world, and the same goes for the employees. So when gifting, you should keep this in mind, because something that is considered as a great gift in your culture can be frowned upon by other cultures. For example, a wine bottle is seen as an awesome gift in the western parts of the world, but it can cause problems if gifted in India. So, make sure that what you are gifting is culturally acceptable.

Don’t be too specific

It’s not a good idea to give specific gifts as it can hurt feelings and also can be a tedious thing to do. Like if you know the someone loves collectables and you go out of your way to get them a nice gift, this can make others feel left out, and you can’t do this for every single gift as it will take too long or even forever. So always go for gender-neutral gifts that you can gift to anyone.

Personalise gifts

This point may contradict with what we said earlier, but by personalisation, it doesn’t mean you give personal gifts instead make your gifts feel a bit more personalised for every receiver. Like adding a handwritten note with each gift, the is addressed to the receiver can make the gift ten times more awesome.

Gift for celebrations locally

Festivals and celebrations are great times to present gifts to your clients and employees. Do some digging and find out what festivals your clients celebrate and try to present them with gifts on those days. Like Diwali gifts are an excellent option for your Indian clients as the festival of Diwali is a big celebration.

Don’t overbrand

Corporate gifts are a great way to enhance your brand name, but there is a reasonable extent to how much you should do. Refrain from slapping huge company logos on the gift items, and this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put any name. If the gift that you have selected can set a lasting impression, then there really is no need to put your brand name as the gift will be enough.

Hire a Professional

If you still are not sure about what to choose, it is a great idea to work with an expert in corporate gifting. They will not just help you with the selection of the best gifts but also assist you to understand the process and make sure that you can do it right the next time.

Classic Gifts

If all this is a bit much for you or if you don’t have enough time left to carefully select gifts then its best to go with the classics. There are very few things that can work pretty much all the time, a classic dry fruits box or a chocolate box are amongst those. Handicraft items are also a great classic gift as they are gender neutral and will enhance the look of any location they are placed.

So, these are the top ten tips for giving an awesome corporate gift. It is not necessary that your gifts meet all the ten suggestions, these are just guidelines, and if you get some of them right then, also you are sure to present an awesome gift.

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