10 Factors That Affect the Price of Email Marketing Service Packages

email marketing pricing

When you are planning for an email marketing campaign, you need to consider the various factors that influence the price of the campaign.  Let’s take a look at different factors one by one:

#1. Number of Contacts

Some of the most popular email marketing service provider have differential pricing for the number of the contacts you may have. They have various plans, and the pricing varies based on whom you want the mail to be sent to.

#2. Number of Emails

Some email marketing service providers offer plans, through which you can send only up to a certain number of emails. Once you cross this number, you may have to pay more to send more emails.

number of email you can send for free

#3. Storage

When you go for an expensive plan, you get more space to store the images and the files. So if have a lot of pictures and many large attachments that you may want to store then you should consider going for the plan that offers more storage space.

#4. Number of Users

If you are an individual who is going to use the web log-in alone, then prices are less. But if you are a large business who has a team to manage the email marketing, then you may go for the plan that has more number of users. As expected, these plans will be more expensive for you.

#5. Tech Support

Most of the free plans that are available don’t come with a tech support. If you want to have a tech support that can help you overcome any technical issues, it is better to go for the plans that are higher in prices.

#6. Social Media Photo Integration

Do you want to integrate the photos from the Facebook and the Instagram and other social media channels on the emails? It is the service that’s paid, and this factor affects the email pricing as well. Many email marketing service providers have their way of pricing this service, so you need to check how they are priced.

Social media Photo Integration in email

#7. Autoresponder

When going for the email marketing, it’s nice to be interactive, and that’s exactly what the autoresponders is used for. They send the emails to the customers automatically and make you look more interactive.

#8. Access to Apps and Integrations

This again is a feature that’s paid, and the pricing varies from one provider to the other. So if you want to access the apps on the mail, be ready to pay more.

#9. Coupons

You might have seen various attractive coupons being sent on the emails offering various kinds of discounts. If you want to send the similar emails to your customers, you may have to go for the plans that are expensive.

#10. Surveys in a Mail

The emails that contain surveys are a part of the expensive mail campaigns, and they are usually pricey as well. Thus adding a survey in the mail can push up the prices.


Many factors affect the email marketing pricing, and you must be sure of what you want from your email campaign to keep the costs low.

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