10 Helpful Tips and Tricks to Cut Costs on Booking Hotels in Beirut

When it comes to booking a room or accommodation in Beirut or at any other places, you most probably overpay. There are tricks and tips you should know. Using these tricks will help you find the best room rates. Here are top 10 tips.

1. Book directly with the hotel

No doubt, every one of us looks for cheap and best hotel deals. If you are looking for the same on a travel booking site, skip it and go directly to the hotel’s site to see what it is offering. You can often find the most affordable rates directly on the hotel’s website as they give price guarantees. By this, way you won’t be losing any commission.

2. Book other traveler’s undesirable rooms

Many hotel booking sites list accommodations after late cancellations. This allows you to score rooms or accommodations for a lower price.

3. Focus your research

Look for top sites. Get an overview of hotels at your preferred location. Don’t trust them. Instead, go on to research those hotels on your own. Look for promotion codes. Search for perks like free Wi-Fi, parking, dinner, breakfast, etc. Some hotels can give you the best price when you book hotels via their official website.

4. Hotel Coupon Deals

If you want to book hotels in Beirut, you should look for hotel coupon deals like in other cities. Multiple hotels and accommodation service providers offer several coupons to guests. Find such coupons online for your hotel deal. By using a coupon, you can save great on booking hotels.

5. Negotiate your rate

Once you find a hotel that offers the best rates, don’t get satisfied. Dial their number and talk to them. Ask them for more discounts and offers. When you bargain directly with the hotel, chances are you will get more discounts and better prices.

6. Credit card points

You credit card points can also help you book hotel rooms. If you use credit cards, you might know that many credit cards provide customers with huge bonus points when you sign up or spend a certain amount of money within a certain time span. You can use these points to book hotel rooms.

  1. Last minute deals on Hotel

You can check for the last minute hotel deals. There are many apps. You can use these apps to book last minute, open hotel rooms. You will be amazed to see the prices.

8. Best price guarantee deals

Search for the best price guarantee deals when booking hotels. Here, you need to think outside the box. Remember that hotels are only ones to offer best price guarantees. Many travel booking sites also offer a price guarantee. Many of them can also allow you to match the price until the day before you check-in. By this way; you can see whether your hotel room drops. In such a case, you can save some extra money.

9. Book hotels in advance

In pick seasons, hotel prices are at their peak point. It is good to book your room somewhere between 15 and 45 days in advance. Booking in advance may let you have 30% to 40% discounts.

10. Be Flexible

Flexibility can also let you catch the best hotel deals. If you are flexible with your date, you can avail the best price deals. In general, from Friday to Sunday, your stay in the city can be cheaper. Similarly, country and coastal stays can be cheaper from Monday to Thursday, when lodging is plentiful after the weekenders leave.

Are you still looking for tips to book cheap hotels in Beirut? Use the tricks and tips mentioned above to blow your travel budget and enjoy your trip guilt-free.

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