10 Hospitality Services to Look for while Booking Your Next Hotel

If you’re a frequent traveler, you may know about the deluxe room or 2, 3, 4 or 5 and 7-star hotels in Beirut. You may also be aware of underwater hotels, treetop hideaways, new properties, etc. No matter what category of hotel want to book or how much a hotel innovates, are still some “basic” requirements that all hotels should meet to make their experiences both welcoming and comforting to guests.

Pay close attention to these hospitality services while booking your hotel in Beirut.

Safety & Security

Safety and security should be your primary concern. Many Beirut hotels today are focused on ensuring personalized safety and security for their guest profiles such as women, children, and the elderly. They use advanced technology to provide better safety and security. Before booking your hotel, make sure it has adequate security measures.


This is a must. The hotel you want to book should uphold the highest cleanliness standards. It should ensure clean public spaces, bedrooms, bathrooms, and amenities.

Comfortable Beds

The main purpose of booking a hotel is to take relax. What if you cannot have comfortable beds or you cannot rest your head comfortably? Make sure the hotel is providing a good quality bed. It should be clean, well-designed, and maintained. Moreover, the bed should be properly positioned in the room. Some Beirut hotels are creative, and they offer pillow and blanket.

Internet/ Wi-Fi

Whether you’re on a business trip or traveling with your family, you may require some level of connectivity and flexibility. It’s especially a must if you are on a business trip. In some hotels, you may find that Wi-Fi access is complimentary.

Bathroom Plumbing

Here plumbing is referred to as ‘hot water’ and ‘good shower’ facility. The problem of proper water flow from the sink would be a weighty burden and inconvenience for you. The hotel should make sure clear, potable water; proper and constant hot running water in the shower. The water should flow properly in the sink and toilet. However, there is no use of hot water if it is just trickling down.

Room Service

Room service is one of the great concerns. The hotel must guarantee to provide you with 24 hours room service irrespective of how many days you are going to stay.

Check in/Check out

A front desk check-in and -out experience is rising these days -—from pod check-ins to a personalized iPad check-in. While this feature is useful, make sure the hotel is focused on some elements of a check-in/check-out process as it can affect your stay.

Attentive Phone Answering

A good hotel follows ‘answer the phone in three rings’ policy. But most hotels, unfortunately, fail to follow the policy. In many cases, the call is directed to an agent who possesses no information. No matter the category of the hotel, it must assign a qualified agent who is able to effectively and efficiently answer a guest’s questions.

Food Quality

Based on the hotel service level, the food and beverage outlets may differ. However, certain things such as hot and fresh food, breakfast, lunch, and dinner should be available. Even small hotels should ensure to provide quality food.

Lighting Systems

There should be adequate lighting in the hotel room whether it’s in the bathroom, bedroom, living area, balcony. Improved lighting systems can enhance your experience. You will have a sense of security.

These are the ten hospitality services you should look for when booking your next hotel in Beirut.

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