10 Things To Do In Australia For The Best Honeymoon Experience

things to do in australia

Australia is a vast place to take honeymoon tour. There are so many places to visit and all you cannot see them in a month. It is advisable to select the locations of your choice and enjoy the tour.

It is advisable to book honeymoon tour package for Australia online. You can compare the price and book the best pack. You must see they include the below mentioned things to do in Australia.

Top Things To Do In Australia For Honeymooners:

  1. Hamilton Island:

This is a popular destination for the honeymoon couples in Australia. It offers many places to be in privacy like the Catseye Beach, Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Great Whitehaven Beach and the Passage Peak. There are budget friendly resorts to luxury resorts to cater the honeymoon tourism in this island.

2. Fraser Island:

This is the island with freshwater lakes and long costal beach line in Australia. The honeymoon couples can spend their romantic time in Eli Creek, Hammerstone Sandblow Lake, Lake McKenzie and Wabby Lake. It is also the best place for mountain hiking and trekking in the woods.

3. Freycinet National Park:

This national park is the best to relax with Mother Nature. You can spend your romantic moments in the Hazards Beach, which is not a busy beach. You can enjoy its flora and fauna by walking around this park. If you are lucky, you can sight dolphins in the Wineglass Bay.

4. Cape Tribulation:

This is a perfect destination for the honeymoon couples to spend their time in the woods, palm cove and in the green Island. You can also visit the Daintree National Park, which has most of the forest cover of this place. This is a unique place to see the forest directly touching the seawater near the seashore.

5. The Hunter Valley:

This is a silent place to roam about in the vineyards of this valley. Other places to visit are the Hunter River, Lake Macquarie and Newcastle. You can stay in budget hotel in the New castle and take a boat ride in the river valley.

6. The Barossa Valley:

This is the best place for the honeymoon couples to stay in a cottage, which are near to the vineyards. You can do cycling and roam in these vineyards or play golf. This is a silent village and a scenic place to enjoy your privacy. You can taste its local food, which are mouth-watering.

7. Mount Tamborine:

This is a place with a lot of attraction for the honeymoon couples, once in Australian tour. The walking trails in the rainforest will give amazing feel for the couples. You can also visit the Geissmann Drive, Knoll Lookout and Gallery Walk. These are important tourist location on this mountain.

8. Cradle Mountain:

This place is the best to stay with luxury once in honeymoon tour in Australia. There are many Mountain View luxury hotels for the honeymoon couples. This place is popular for its walking trails on this mountain. There are lakes to spend your leisure time.

9. The Kimberley:

This is a great place for hideaways for the honeymoon couples with Mother Nature. It has waterfalls, pools and lakes to swim and hike. It has varied landscape, which you can see the difference within few miles of hiking.

10. Uluru:

You can visit this popular heritage site for spiritualism. The Ayers Rock will blow your mind to see its distinctive feature. There are many resorts for the honeymoon goers in this place. It is the best place to hideaways in its rock caves, springs and Uluṟu-Kata Tjuṯa National Park.

The tour packages for Australia are of budget and luxury type. It is advisable to book an all-inclusive package for a tension free honeymooning.

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