10 Tips to Sell House Quickly and Later Plans on Your Money

Sell House Quickly and Later Plans on Your Money

We would like to give you some simple tips to help you sell your house faster and better, also to advice what to with the money left in your hands. Use these tips to achieve an optimal sales result without stress and hassle. After all, nobody likes to have constantly curious viewers in his house or to place ‘for sale’ signs in the garden.

First Impression Counts
The first impression counts. Make sure your house is well-appointed, thoroughly cleaned and tidy and ready for viewings.

Attractive Appearance
Make sure that the front garden and especially the area at the front door are extra clean. Mowed grass and a well-cared facade give your home an attractive appearance. The front of the house is the first thing a potential buyer will see.

Paint Your House
Consider painting your house for a fresh look. It may cost a few hundred dollars of paint and 2 weekends of heavy work but can upsurge the selling price of your home by thousands of dollars.

Right price
Is your house priced correctly? Investigate whether your asking price is realistic.

Dress up your house
Even though many buyers will change your home and adapt it to their own style and wishes, nobody will keep a home with overdue maintenance. Give your bathroom a refresher or finally place the skirting boards.

Good Broker
Does your broker do enough to promote your home? Check if your house is well presented on the internet. If necessary, call anonymously to the broker and introduce yourself as a potential buyer. You will then soon enough by how motivated he is to sell your house.

Ask For Feedback
Ask viewers for feedback: what did they like and less fun about your house? What can you do better? Use these free tips to find out what people want and why they do not choose your home. Then make as many improvements as possible.

Focus On The Benefits
Focus on the advantages of your home, such as good schools in the neighborhood, location close to public transport or highway and nearby shops and parks.

Share Your House On Facebook & Instagram
Make the most of all free promotional social channels that you have at your disposal.

Make Your House Smell Good
It happens surprisingly often that a house smells ‘bad’ because of cigarette smoke or pets. Avoid unpleasant odors due to thorough cleaning and odor sticks.

We hope and pray these modest tips will help you further and wish you good luck in selling your house quickly. Learn more about selling house cash, let’s discuss what to do with the money left after selling your home.

Money left after the sale of your house?
If you have money left after selling your house because you have started to live cheaper or opted for a rented house, what can you do with it?

Power efficiency tax?
First of all: how much tax do you actually pay on the money you keep? If you still have capital on top of the tax-free part, you pay a percentage tax on it. In short: the more you have, the more you have to pay. In a table from the tax authorities, you can see what will change next year.

Extra for the children?
“We have to give a portion of the money to the children. What should you pay attention to? The amount is in any case substantial. In the case of more massive sums, you will have to deal with gift tax, if you always give small amounts that are tax-free.

Delicious, a holiday home! Yet…?
Do you vision of having your own little house near the beach, an extra house in the woods? You have to be careful in any case for ‘dubious organizations that promise to arrange everything for you. Another point of attention: If you buy a recreational home or caravan in a park, what happens when a project developer takes over the park? Careful on this investment!

You can also create a spare pot of the amount that you keep after selling your house. If you want to put aside (part of) your money, you can – now that the savings rate is so low – do the best in a savings account? Or is it better to keep it in an old sock? Or does investing still yield you something?

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