12 Types Of TV Ads You Didn’t Know Exist?

types of Tv advertising

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TV is an important medium of advertising. It covers mass geographical areas and is perfect to appeal the target audience. With growing ad networks in India, we come by several ads in our lives, however, did you know that there exist different types of ads. A former creative director at Leo Burnett advertising agency believed that there are twelve types of TV ads which are perfect for businesses.

Let us gather some information about them.

#Appeal to vanity

These types of TV commercials create an illusion that the product is elite and expensive. However, the product essentially is not limited to luxury and expensive. These types of ads look visually appealing and remain clean with minimum dialogue. Common products like cars and watches belong to this category.

#Bandwagon type

This kind of advertising cleverly shows common people that everybody is buying that specific product so they should also join the stream. It can be said a kind of peer (group) pressure, for example, some ads of Pepsi.

#Celebrity advertisements

Some advertisers use a famous personality, celebrity, singer to endorse the product. There are two reasons behind this, first is to build a trust that the company is big enough to endorse someone famous and by buying their product, you are doing no wrong. The second reason is several people live in an illusion living a celebrity life. They easily get convinced that if their favorite celebrity is using the product, they should also.

#Consumer conspiracy

This type of TV ad shows that there is a secret information related the item, how amazing it is and they should never buy it someone else than you. They represent that there is a big secret about the product that only a few professionals acknowledge.


Informal advertising is known as pure advertising where marketer book an entire half an hour slot for their product during late night or mid of the day. For example, advertisements of kitchen supplies, gym machines, mass increasing supplements, etc.

#Inconvenience to common mass

Here, an advertiser shows how convenient and amazing your life will become after using a particular product and how bad your life was before using that item. Typical advertisements of washing powder, hair shampoo fall in this category.


For some products, it is harder to convince mass, for example, The perfume which has only one sole feature that is a smell. In such cases, an association is used to create with beauty, elegance or human desire. For example, a car advertisement shows that driving a car can change your lifestyle, instead of showing the qualities of the car.


A different variety of advertising shows some products as a superhero and the magical work they do in people’s life.

#Testimonial advertising



With raising TV ad networks in India, these types of ads are becoming very common where an expert from a particular field endorse a product. For example, in the ads of toothpaste, dentists are shown to recommend the product.


Several TV ads use the parody of a famous character or situation to associate with the emotions of the people.

#Use of opposite sex

Appealing the opposite sex is one of the popular tools used in advertisements, like a specific men’s perfume is shown to appeal girls, or in the commercials of beauty products opposite gender is smartly used to appeal the target gender.

#Public safety

Some ads are advertised by the government to spread either a public message or increase awareness for public safety. For example, don’t smoke and drive ads.

Next time, you watch an advertisement on TV, you can categorize it.

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