3 Amazing Laundry Hacks that will Make Cleaning Much Easier

People do want their laundry section as organized and clean as possible. From setting up the chart of washing symbols to keeping each and everything properly organized at its place, it’s good to keep up with the tidy place. Still there are few things that turn up quite annoying when you are doing your laundry. Mostly, housewives do feel like that it’s something out of their control or due to some reason they aren’t being able to handle this. No worries anymore since we have come up with some really good laundry hacks that will turn things much easier than ever. Let’s check them out below;

washing symbols

Bleeding Color

How can this be left unspoken when it comes to the “laundry conversation”. People do talk much about the colors fading or colors bleeding that’s more likely to damage the quality of fabric. A quick trick can make a huge difference and then you won’t find yourself fenced with bleeding colors ever. Just let the salt do its wonders in your next wash. Put half a cup of salt to your wash cycle and run it through as usual. It won’t just prevent your clothes from bleeding but will help revive the true colors and originality in them

Grease Stains

No less than a nightmare for you, right! Mostly, grease stains aren’t that easy to get rid of. You can have a better way out for this as you can try a simple trick to lift the grease stains off really quick. Just grab a piece of chalk and rub it over the stain properly. Let it be there for about an hour so that it can draw out the oil from the fabric. It can take more time depending upon the severity of the stain. Then just scrape off the chalk, pretreat it and let you washer take care of the rest.

Noisy Shoe-Wash

When is the last time you headed to hiking and end up having your shoes from white to red, dark brown and etc. Well that needs to be cleaned as soon as possible before your expensive pair of shoes start accepting that “new color” unwillingly. In order to get rid of it, you are surely supposed to give it a thorough ride to the washer that might be little bit noisy but some water inside can take care of it to some extent. After this comes the most annoying and noisy part that’s known as dryer. It’s just like neither can’t do it nor can’t leave it. Here is the best solution to this. In order to avoid all that unnecessary bang-around in the dryer, just tie up all four laces together, hang the knotted part over the dryer door and close it keeping the knot outside. This way you will be able to perfectly dry your shoes without any noises.

In a nutshell, you can do wonders to your weekly laundry if you try these useful hack properly. So just keep these in practice and enjoy that tidy-feel whenever you put on your clothes and footwear.

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