3 Effective GRE Preparation Strategies

GRE Preparation Strategies

GRE general test is required by the graduate programs in most fields. GRE is not specific to any specific academic discipline, but it does tests your executive functioning skills.  Success in the GRE is largely dependent on your capability to prioritize the information presented to you and organize it in ways that enables you to solve problems efficiently.  Here we have listed down the GRE strategies that will help you optimize your performance:

Trust your Instincts

Many a times, our first instincts are correct. An effective strategy is to guess, flag, and then move on. Because revised GRE enables you to scroll through the section, take advantage of this and do not waste too much time on just one question. Flagging a question means that you can always return to it later. Even if you run out of time, you need not to worry because you have at least answered the question going with your gut instinct. On the contrary, if you leave the question blank, you might miss the chance of receiving a point for that particular question. There is no negative marking for guessing, so always go with your gut and guess.

Go for the Easiest first

Every question weighs the same in the new GRE exam. So it is advised not to waste time on difficult problems, but find the easier ones. You can visualize GRE as a tree filled with identical apples, with each apple carrying one point. Obviously, you will want to grab those apples that are easiest to get to, instead of spending all your time to pick an apple that is an arm’s length away.

Get Apprised with your Strengths and Weaknesses

If you hate long science-based reading passages, you might want to leave the passage for the end. However, just because a passage is really long does not mean you should skip it. If you are good at science, it is your moment to shine, even if the passage is damn difficult. So it is very essential to know about your strengths and weaknesses, so that you have the confidence to solve the GRE questions that are way more difficult.

Effective GRE strategies will make you smarter and more adaptable. Find a dedicated study space where you can focus without nay distraction, so that you invest your full efforts into achieving good GRE scores.  Follow the GRE strategies discussed above, your GRE questions solving technique will get more and more sharpened.

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