3 Fitness Tips For Keeping Clients Happy

As a club, you have two important goals – keeping clients happy and getting new ones. Getting clients to join your club is one thing. But keeping them happy enough to come back is something else.

It’s important to make enough time for each client so they achieve the goals they want.  But even then, you might see more people dropping out than you’d like. east london personal trainer

The thing is, keeping clients happy is often a matter of motivation. And if you can keep them motivated to keep working, they´ll stay with you. Here are some tips to consider if you’re seeking a cure to your client retention blues.

Promote Client Autonomy

People like being in control. This is no different in fitness. Subtly influence your clients to work harder by offering them choices. Squats or lunges? Are we doing interval training today or are we climbing hills? Make sure that the choices you give your clients line up with their fitness goals. Then watch motivation levels soar.

Now, they’re not doing what you’re telling them to do, but what they chose to do. And be happy doing it! How Machiavellian of you.

Track and Reflect on Client Progress

Want clients to believe in you as the best choice for their workout needs?

Of course you do.

Then it’s important to keep showing them that they are reaching their goals. Keep discussing their progress with them. People need evidence that they are doing well to keep a smile on their face, and their trust in you.

A coaching system like Virtuagym could help you out with this. When a new client comes in, complete the intake process and enter the client’s statistics into the system. After you’ve established a starting point, keep these stats updated. Show them the graphs in Virtuagym. Not only graphs for things like body weight or BMI but exercise-specific graphs. Is the 1RM for their bench press going up? Are their running times improving? Showing growth is an easy way of keeping clients happy. Progress is why they’re with you, after all.

Finally, reward their progress. If they reach certain goals, give them a small reward. This can be a free T-shirt, public praise on their Facebook page, or even a free training session. This way you give them something to take home with them, and that will keep them coming back to you. Plus, everyone loves free stuff, right?

Group Workouts to Increase Client Motivation


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