3 Methods To Avoid Pitfalls In Customer Support

There is no denying the fact that customer-centricity is here to stay for a long time. As a matter of fact, the customer’s journey might be the point of attraction for the world of corporates. An important fact that needs to be considered is that the customer support mechanism is a vital element and is here to stay. Many of the industry experts consider it as a new array of marketing.

Customers tend to have a high degree of expectation from professional call centers outsourcing channel. So, the question arises, what should we expect if we deliver below par customer support. A realistic picture will showcase a sub-standard quality of customer support and it will surely result in a dissatisfied customer base, probable loss of revenue and very meager growth prospects.  Let us now discuss 4 major areas where things generally go wrong.


  • Relying heavily on reactive support mechanism

Do you get overwhelmed when we receive simple enquiries from the customer? Are you laying down your customer support vertical? These are major signs that your:

  1. Protocols for customer support are not built for prevention of issues from emerging.
  2. Customers are not as informed as they should be

A prudent customer support vertical requires an organization to merge all the departments in our customer service strategy. Such protocols need to be designed so that we see a reduction in the number of inbound requests by focusing primarily on the FAQs page and other bogs that improve upon the existing levels of knowledge for the customers. We should also take care of maintaining interaction with the customers on regular basis. Proactive customer support is not only expected but it certainly helps in saving a lot of money.

Thus, it is recommended to have a wealth of data available at our disposal that gives an insight into all the customers’ needs and expectations. It is imperative to use the same to our advantage.

  • Poor levels of service quality

Industry experts from all corners are of the belief that when every activity is considered as “high-priority”, nothing really is. This practice also goes in tandem with the low priority activities. To quote an example, if a premium customer is receiving same level of service as the basic customer, then why are we charging extra money on them?

This is particularly true for organizations that offer services that go in line with their product offerings. They need to adhere to the prescribed guidelines and not only for legal purposes. When our levels of service delivery are not weighed in a proportional manner to either the customer status, then we are indeed on a sticky wicket.

The most feasible solution is that we must clearly detach ourselves for each service levels, and state priority as per difference in time frames. Even the minutest of hindrances in defining levels of service is liable for action as it can cause a lot of trouble for the organizations that throw their hat to deliver exceptional customer service. Call centers outsourcing is not an easy thing to do. The key lies in maintaining proportionality. If our call center’s fastest time to resolve a query is 1 hour, then it is advisable to offer it sparingly and not in one go. The point lies in offering reasonable timelines and pre-specified expectations that can be exceeded beyond imagination.

  • Quality of contingency plans is at an all-time low

If a business entity is relying too heavily on the proactive nature of its call center, but does not have the desired backup in place, then we could be in for a lot of trouble. Showcasing a certain level of confidence in our customer support vertical is a good thing, but one bad customer experience can have an eclipsing effect on even the best of plans. Right from issuing support tickets across various departments to prolonged time taken to resolve a problem, operating in a corporate setup without necessary risk management skills is tricky thing to do.

The most feasible solution that can derived from above is the creation and execution of contingencies at multiple levels of control. If your chosen call centers outsourcing company provides customer support as desired, then a suitable contingency plan might just be the impetus one needs to make a customer happy. It must also be noted that a well-controlled customer support requires the sales team to handle in a professional manner on behalf of the company. It must also be understood that our contingency plans need not be perfect, but it imperative to have something.

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