3 Mistakes that you Are Making While Cleaning Bedroom

bedroom cleaning

Do you prefer cleaning bedroom yourself? Even if you have hired someone else form the maid agency Dubai, there are a few points where even the professional cleaners go wrong. Even though cleaners are very passionate about cleaning since everybody wants a tidy place to live but when this keenness fades a little bit when it come so to bedroom cleaning. Perhaps that’s the reason as to why expert cleaners have notified a few very common mistakes that people make while cleaning the bedroom.

So let’s dig in.

bedroom cleaning

Ignoring Mattress

Most of you will agree, mattress is mostly neglected when it’s about cleaning. Still, it’s being used regularly every day. People don’t even follow the defined standard suggested by the mattress manufacturing companies that it’s should be flipped after every 6 months. Even if you do so and flip it after 6 months, it will be dirty from both the sides when you flip it the next time. There are no such issue with flipping, it’s surely a good practice to keep up with but it has nothing to do with cleaning.

There are two most important things to keep in mind especially about mattress cleaning. First, don’t spill water over it as the sponge in it tends to hold moisture. Second, use the vacuum cleaner that is gentle on its fabric. This will ensure the perfect mattress cleaning.

Avoid Strong Scented Products

You know what I like most about my bedroom? Sleep! Obviously, who wouldn’t want that but one simply can’t sleep when there is a strong fragrance spread around. Even while cleaning your bedroom, keep in mind that you will be sleeping in couple of hours so just don’t make it excessively fragrant that it gets annoying. Therefore, it’s recommended to avoid such solutions and detergents with strong fragrance.

If you sleep while inhaling these strong scents, you are most likely to get stuck with a horrible cold that’s not appropriate at all. That’s doesn’t either mean that you shouldn’t apply scent in your bedroom. Just make sure that you use the mild scent that will vanish after a few hours.

Don’t Go for Wrong Methods and Tools

Since bedroom carries a lot of furniture and fabrics, so there are variety of surfaces to use in order to clean. In that case, it’s essential to use the proper methods and tools to clean different types of surfaces. Most of the people also go wrong with their dusting cycle. Some people change the bedding first and then go for dusting. Obviously, it’s not the right thing to do as the dust will settle on the clean bedding and will eventually harm you.

Make sure to use the products that are made specifically for upholstery since you are willing to keep them in a good condition and maintain their longevity. It’s as simple as right thing should be used at the right place.


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