3 Things to follow simultaneously with Quality Content

If you are here, you must have already heard this –  “Content is the king and this “Focus On Content.

Hey, I Forgot to mention this too –  “Good Content = Good Traffic.  Do you think I believe in this .

Hell no!!  The purpose of me being here itself is to prove these statements wrong. Totally Wrong .

Do you think that only writing Awesome content will bring a huge boost in your Traffic, Online Reputation and of course your Earning.

I do believe that Content is King. Do you think Content is the limit .

Nope. It isn’t .

Do you think that the King himself manages the whole wide kingdom. He needs some people who work below him, right ?

What I exactly mean is if Quality Content is the King, where are the Ministers. Don’t forget about the Servants.

#1: Layout Is Queen..

Queen also plays a prominent role in ruling a kingdom.  Did you know that if you don’t have a good layout , you won’t have any visitors. Who would bother to stop by and read some content on a site with shabby design.

Believe me, I have experienced it before. People don’t generally judge a blog by it’s content. They judge it by the Design.

The First Impression should always be the best impression

Your content might be unique but people won’t stop by until you have got a decent Theme.

If you don’t have a good theme then your blog is no less than hell to your readers.

#2: Presentation..

Like Point One Says. you should focus on your layout as well as the way your content is presented. A person can be forced to read boring content if it is decorated, not irritating and provides little knowledge.

Let us take this as instance, you have written a post on the release of Windows 8. I am sure you won’t be the only person to do so.

What if some one else, also writes a similar post but with lot’s of Images, videos and slideshows.

Whose post do you think the audience will prefer ?

It is definitely not yours. You might have noticed and pointed out some points that the Multimedia guy missed. But yet he will receive more traffic than you.

So definitely, Presentation skills are important too.

Improving your Presentation skills is not as hard as writing neatly in an important exam. It is damn simple.

Just keep the Font Size, Font and Font Color Clean. If possible, add some colorful Images, videos and slide Shows.

#3: SEO..

Whatever you write, it has to be read by some body.

If no one reads your blog posts the purpose of your writing will be lost. Your hard work may go down the drain.  For people to know that you exist you have to optimize your blog for Search Engines and agencies like SEO Vancouver Pros do it the right way.

I ain’t asking you to write for the bots or stuff silly keywords. I want you to follow some basic SEO Tips like adding Meta Tags, Creating a Sitemap and Pinging Search Engines.

Ain’t Tough, right?

I guess, I have convinced you that Content is not the only important factor for a Blog’s Success. Even though Content should be your top priority you should also concentrate on these three factors.

Do you think there are more factors that I missed out on . Let me know through the comments.

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