3 Things Our Parents Don’t Understand About Our Choices



We are the generation that hates commitment of most kinds. We believe everything is easily replaceable, and it quite is. Just that, our parents weren’t raised in our times.

So many arguments, so many conversations, endless rants and countless gasps. Such is the nature of communication with our parents when it comes to making choices. Well, most of the times, if not always.

They at least make us think. That’s their love and concern for us that looks so insane, right? Yes, most of it. I’d believe so. These are the things that we really hope that our parents understood about us better though.




#1. Buying an apartment vs renting an apartment

Who wants a lifetime of commitment to one house, in one place, with one loan that’s going to be on our head all our life. What’s the point? We’re fickle people who don’t like to stay in one place all the time.

We like doing rounds of different cities, in different countries at our will. It’s scary to commit to one single house all the time. We’d rather rent a fully furnished house or a studio apartment that brings us breakfast every morning.

Who wants to buy furnishings? They come along the house, don’t they? Well, true fact. Services like NestAway are making our lives easier by providing fully furnished apartments for bachelor’s in India and they maintain the furnishings at no extra cost.

Why would we buy a house! We sincerely hope that our parents understand this. We’re spending much lesser money on real estate by renting NestAway apartments than we would otherwise.


fully furnished apartments for bachelors in India


#2. Spending on clothes and gadgets

In ancient times (if it’s not sinful to say it), our parents were advised to not spend on clothing too much because there were other priorities. And we don’t think PSPs or selfie cameras with a flash were available then, were they?

Our priority is to look good and how! It makes us feel good about ourselves. It expresses who we are, as a person. There’s nothing else that’s going to make us feel better than that gorgeous dress costing 8K, that truly reflects our personality.

There’s no joy better than that release of dopamine in my bloodstream when we play video games and our parents need to understand this. What would we do if we saved SO MUCH of our money that we fail to experience such happiness of buying these gadgets!


Spending on clothes and gadgets

#3. Travelling often

We love those trips. It’s not a vacation for us, it’s freedom. We travel alone to come closer to ourselves. We travel with friends to bond with them and have an insane amount of fun. We travel to make the most of life because, there’s so much to see and learn than just working and laying eggs at home on long weekends.

We choose to not be killed by boredom and travel makes us happier than ever. We wish our parents understood this better. For our parents, vacationing once a year is fine for rejuvenation, bonding and having fun with family. For us, it’s our way of life.


travel with friends


There are so many small things that our parents would not even make an attempt to comprehend and sideline it as immature behavior. But, this is what we are and this is what we probably will be. This doesn’t mean that we don’t love our parents or disrespect their choices in any way. It’s just that we’re different.

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