3 Useful PowerPoint Animation Tricks

Animated Powerpoint templates

If you have just started to work with the animations in PowerPoint, you may end up overdoing animating your slides. It may slow-down your presentations and may end up irritating your audience. But they are also a great tool for many purposes. Here are some tips and tricks which you should learn how to control the transitions and enhance the presentation message with powerful effects.


But Why Should Try PowerPoint Animations?

When you use the presentations you are able to better control the pace of delivery of the presentation and they can also enhance the appearance and the interest of the slides as well. It is achieved by the transitioning the full slides or the various elements on the slide. Let’s explore what animated PowerPoint templates can do for you.


Transitions and Animations

The transitions are a type of animations which work between two slides. All the transition effects, you can use are there in the transition pane and they are the most suitable when you want a transition which can be noticed between the two slides.

Animations, however, are on your slide. You can view the options in the animation pane and these are used as the action effects when you making the presentation of the slide. You can animate a particular element of your slide you can control the animations with the help of the animation pane.


Trick 1

You should first figure out when to use the animation and which content you use the animation for.  A thumb rule is to find out that 20% of the content which is crucial in the slide. It is the content which is worth animating. For instance, you are using the presentation for branding then you can use the slides for highlighting some of the elements. You can apply subtle, moderate or exciting animations to your elements. They can be applied to different animation strengths to help you use the animation in the right context. The most important content in the slide should have exciting animation and you can use the subtle animation for less important elements. Thus you should define the most important content and then choose the animation and make sure that the strength goes with the content which you are presenting.


Trick 2

When you have learned to identify those elements to animate, the next thing you should do is to understand when to use the animations. Well, you can choose the transitions or the animation to in any of the slide. If you try combining both of them it distracts the audience. The duration of the animation matters as well and it has a big impact on the presentation quality.


Trick 3

Even while you are trying to make your animations subtle and effective, you can overdo it. The simple reason is that there are just too many animations which can easily overwhelm you. Here is a simple rule, you should use the same animations across all the presentations and there is no point in adding different animations just because you want to differ.


In the End

While you should use the animated PowerPoint templates but making animations heavy may be somewhat distracting to your audience.

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