4 Business Ideas for Parents Who Cannot Leave Home

“There is so much more to becoming an entrepreneur than starting a business—this is a journey of self-discovery, personal growth and courageous action.” –Life Coach Erin

It has often been said that if you wish to see your money grow and have a better leverage in your finances, you should go into business. For this reason, many individuals would dabble their hands and try their luck in business investments as early as their mid-twenties. Unfortunately, translating a business dream into reality is not possible for most individuals who are raising families of their own.

Have you ever wished to pursue a business trade dream but are deterred by life getting in the way?

Well, more often than not, you might have kids and have no one to leave them at home with. In some cases, some aspects in your family life might prevent you from being more hands-on in whatever business you might be thinking of engendering. While your home life might seemingly get in the way, this does not automatically mean you cannot realize a business dream. It is still very much possible to start and conduct business transaction—even all the way from home. However, it requires a degree of motivation from you, a fervent desire to be financially accomplished and the determination and willingness to work hard. If you possess all three, you have already began the initial step. In any case, put your best condos in avida towers cebu to good use by working from home in them.

Here are some of the best business from home ideas you can try your hand at:

A consulting business (Financial Aid Planning/College Applications)

If you think you have a knack for planning out finances, then you might want to try your hand at financial aid planning. As a planner, you assist parents in getting the lowest possible price for college education and helping them save. However, do know that to be a competitive financial aid planner, you should be more than just smart. You should have an adequate knowledge of the resources available for parents who are sending their kids to college.

Online Retail Shop

Are you accumulating too many items? Do you feel like you live in a disorganized and cluttered home? If this is the case, you probably have too many things lying around that no longer have any use. However, instead of getting rid of them by throwing them in the bin, why not sell them for profit instead? Simply take some photos of your pre-owned items, make a social media page for your designated business and then sell them online. Sounds easy, right? That is because it is and while you are busy making profit, you would also be getting rid of the clutter as well.

Consignment Shop

While we are on the subject of pre-owned items—which incidentally has a rather high market demand as of late, you might want to transform a part of your home into a consignment shop. While doing an online business seems like a straightforward endeavor, not many individuals have the time for it as they have a day job to take care of. This is where your consignment shop becomes useful. In lieu of the owners answering queries and the like, you would be doing it in their stead. And since you are a savvy entrepreneur, you will be charging a fee to the owners of such items. Alternatively, you can offer to take a percentage from every sale they make. To ensure that your consignment shop attracts customers, ensure that you give it a pleasant atmosphere—clean, fashionable and fresh.

Freelance Writing

If you have a unique talent and skill for writing then you would be able to work from anywhere in the world—and even from home. You can write articles that cover anything from fashion to real estate, but if you wish to make a splash in the blogging sphere, you might want to start with subjects you already have an expertise in. Alternatively, you can opt to do ghost writing but know that you would not be designated as the writer. So, if you can forgo the byline, you may want to start looking for websites who are looking for freelance ghost writers.

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